Ownership History
North Bend Mill & Lumber Co. No. 2978 Willits, CA
Built For: North Bend Mill & Lumber Co. #2978 at North Bend, OR
[1923] Corp. Sale: Stout Lumber Co. of Oregon #2978
[1927] Sold: McKenna Lumber Co. #2978 at North Bend, OR
[02/1928] Sold: Oregon White Cedar Co. #2978 at Charleston, OR
[1932] Sold: Ingham Lumber Co. #2978 at Glendale, OR
[04/1946] Corp. Sale: Robert Dollar Co. of California #2978 at Glendale, OR
[1959] Donated: San Francisco Maritime Museum Association, Inc. at Oakland, CA
[1978] Lease Ended: Bay Area Electric Railroad Association, Inc. at Rio Vista, CA
[04/1985] Lease Ended:
[04/1985] Donated: Bay Area Electric Railroad Association
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