SZD1 0-10-0 No. Er764-56
Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg City, Russia
Location: Unknown
Status: Lost
Abbreviation Expansion English
1 SZD Sovetskie Zheleznye Dorogi Soviet Railways
Posted: Nov 20, 2023 @ 07:11:14 by Achim
Serial number: 5806 Delivered to the Yaroslavl Railway. In 1949 it was transferred to the Pechora Railway. Moved to Volkhovstroy depot in 1955. Moved to the Tikhvin depot in mid-1955. Moved to Sortavala depot in 1957. Moved to Okulovka depot in 1962. Moved to Malaya Vishera Depot in 1964. Decommissioned: 2000 Tender No. Er785-51