Pioche Pacific RR Shay - 2 truck No. 3
Olympia, WA, United States
Location: Private
Status: Restoration
Posted: Oct 29, 2020 @ 06:10:25 by John Taubeneck
The Shay is at Kipert’s Korner Feed owned Craig Kinnaman This is in Tumwater not Olympia.
Posted: Aug 28, 2017 @ 11:08:07 by Robert Richardson
Pioche Pacific RR No. 3 was purchased from Brad Milne by Craig Kinnerman and moved to Olympia, Washington, in late 2015. Craig plans to restore the Shay and run it on his property. This information was provided by Gregory Wright in a short article published in the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette for the Sept/Oct 2016 magazine issue.
Posted: Aug 1, 2011 @ 22:08:35 by Jeff Terry
Moved to Tuolumne, CA in 2003 by the West Side Narrow Gauge Railway Preservation group. Restoration seems to have come to a stop. I could not find a trace of the engine during a recent visit.
Posted: Mar 12, 2006 @ 18:03:28 by Ed Burger
This loco was sold 11, 2003 to the West Side Narrow Gauge Railway Preservation non-profit group. A photo of it being transported can be found on the website: http://www.wsrestoration.com/
Posted: Apr 26, 2004 @ 12:04:00 by Ed Kelley

This locomotive was sold and trucked off to Washington State.  There it will be restored for eventual use on the old West Side Lumber Co. line out of Tuolumne, CA.  Negociations are being made with the tribe that currently owns the land and has casino plans for it.  It is now West Side Shay #16.