South Eastern & Chatham Railway 0-6-0 No. 592 1592 31592
Sheffield Park, Sussex, UK
Location: Bluebell Railway
Status: Operational
Posted: Feb 3, 2020 @ 05:02:42 by Russell Newman
The former South Eastern & Chatham Railway C Class 0-6-0 Goods No. 592 has undergone a cosmetic make over to sprues it up for display at Sheffield Park shed as part of the Bluebell Railway’s SteamWorks display.
Posted: May 19, 2017 @ 17:05:20 by Russell Newman
592 has been withdrawn from service as its 10 boiler ticket has run out. The South Eastern & Chatham Railway C Class loco will go on display for the time being at Sheffield Park till such time it can be overhauled.
Posted: Mar 3, 2013 @ 04:03:34 by Ben Jenden
592 is currently out of service and having her cylinders rebored
Posted: Feb 20, 2009 @ 14:02:37 by New York Central
Status: Operational