Ellis & Everard, Bardon Hill Quarries 0-4-0VBT No. None
Telford, Shropshire, UK
Location: Ironbridge Gorge Museum
Status: Stored
Posted: Oct 24, 2018 @ 12:10:13 by Robin R Beck
Originally built in 1865 as an 0-4-0ST by the Coalbrookdale Company Ironworks becoming their number 6. In 1925 was rebuilt by Sentinel Limited in Shrewsbury, becoming a vertical boiler geared locomotive. The original chassis was used. Even the sand boxes still have the Coalbrookdale builders plate. After the rebuild it returned to work at the Coalbrookdale Ironworks. Probably out of use by 1950. Now stored under an arch of a viaduct. Next to the car park at Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron, just a 5 minutes walk from its unrebuilt sister loco number 5 in the Enginuity museum.
Posted: Jan 19, 2012 @ 13:01:52 by Steve Frost
Whilst it is sad to see the remains of this loco in this condition, it does give us the chance to see the works that are usually hidden from sight in a Sentinel.

Notice the vertically mounted 2 cylinder steam engine, as used in their steam lorries, where it was mounted horizontally. The chain drive is clear to the left and the inner part of the flash boiler is revealed. You can see where the cross tubes that run through the central flue would be fitted.

So many Sentinels survive with the casing, so might they restore it as a cut away example to show how they worked?