Georgia Northern Railway 4-6-2 No. 107
Albany, GA, United States
Location: Thronateeska Heritage Center
Status: Cosmetic Restoration
Posted: Dec 11, 2003 @ 23:12:03 by Stephen S. Syfrett

GN Ry 107 is currently undergoing a substantial cosmetic restoration at Thronateeska Heritage Center in Albany, GA.  The engine has been stripped and the tender tank has been removed from the frame for sheet metal repairs.

The engine was originally placed on exhibit in Tift Park on the north side of the downtown area.  In December 1980 it was moved from Tift Park to the former Union Passenger Terminal (its current location) which had been purchased by Thronateeska Heritage Foundation.  It took at least two days to complete the move.  I believe the photo provided by the Chamber of Commerce was taken during the move, but would like to confirm this.

An interesting discovery was made during work on the tender.  The tender was originally built in 1/1914 for FEC #126.  Although it has been with GN Ry #107 since before it was donated to the City of Albany in 1957, the tender was originally acquired with GN Ry # 130, ex FEC #130.  At some time between 1948 and retirement, the tender of GN Ry # 130 was swapped to engine #107.  A photo in Prince's Central of Georgia book shows this tender with engine #130 in 1948. 

At some time the locomotive was involved in a significant impact.  The entire tender tank was shifted forward on the frame and the buffer pushed forward deforming the lower sheet metal below the rear of the cab floor and warping the ends of the cast lateral braces ahead of the plate.

GN Ry #107 is believed to have been retired in 1950, although there has been one unsubstantiated report of it operating sometime later than that on a one or two time basis.  Any additional information (that can be confirmed) would be appreciated.

Thronateeska Heritage Center intends to restore the locomotive to its appearance as initially operated by GN Ry in 1930.  There are no known photographs of GN Ry #107 in operation in the 1930s or 1940s.  Any help in this regard would also be appreciated.

Please contact Stephen Syfrett at if you have any information or photographs of this locomotive that you would like to make available to the museum.

Posted: Sep 19, 2003 @ 19:09:04 by William Robinson
Originally built as FEC #88, sold in 9/1930 to Wallinford scrap.    Apparently found its way to the Georgia Northern.