Denver & Rio Grande Western RR 2-8-0 No. 315
Chama, NM, United States
Location: Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
Status: Operational
Posted: Sep 12, 2023 @ 18:09:48 by Dave Taylor
D&RGW 315 Is operational after a major overhaul for her mandated FRA 1472 inspection, which will keep her operational thru 2038. She is owned and operated by the Durango Railroad Historical Socity, and is currently visiting the C&TS, where she is run for special events and photo excursions. She is a coal fired C-18 Class loco with 18,000 lbs of tractive effort and runs a boiler pressure of 160psi.
Posted: Apr 27, 2018 @ 16:04:23 by Kevin Murray
D&RGW 315 is for now, on loan to the Cumbres & Toltec RR, and stored in Chama, NM. The C&TS expects to use the engine for next season.
Posted: Dec 16, 2010 @ 15:12:59 by Jacob Woods
Here is a video of #315 in her current condition. It includes: The whistle, blow-down valves and the bell at:
Posted: Oct 8, 2010 @ 13:10:20 by Steve-o
please change this to operational. video proof Thanks Steve-o
Posted: Jul 10, 2010 @ 17:07:47 by Jacob Woods
As of July 2010 #315 is on display in the museum in Durango. It will operate at Railfair and you can ride it for $350. She currently has a shotgun stack and electric headlamp. Jacob Woods
Posted: May 25, 2009 @ 15:05:27 by sawyer
Please change status to "operational," the engine ran in 2007 (I think) on the D&SNGSR and went to Cumbres several times the next year.
Posted: Apr 24, 2009 @ 14:04:18 by Michael York
After a successful season of operation, the 315 is spending the winter inside the Silverton Northern enginehouse in Silverton. It is the first locomotive to sleep there since the very similar Silverton Northern 2-8-0 and her stable mate were shipped to Alaska during WW2. Hopefully someone will post a current photo of her under steam.
Posted: Dec 10, 2007 @ 21:12:54 by J.D. Marzec
Posted: Aug 26, 2007 @ 11:08:05 by Brian Riley
Please change this locomotive from Restoration to Operational. This locomotive is now fully operable. The proof is in this youtube video.
Posted: Jan 13, 2007 @ 22:01:01 by George Niederauer
D&RGW Locomotive 315 has been undergoing restoration since the spring of 2001. It now looks close to the reference photos of the road engine in 1940. It passed a hydrostatic test in May 2006 for operating at its posted boiler pressure of 160 psi. The restoration should be finished about mid 2007, including operational testing. The locomotive is located at Santa Rita Park on the south side of Durango. The new address for the Durango Railroad Historical Society is Box 654, Durango, CO 81302.
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 @ 17:10:08 by Jim Granflaten
The 315 has a welt on the lap seems and was still operated with the full 160lbs of boiler presure in 1950. With 160#, the tractive effort was 18,325. It is our understanding that this presure would still be permited.
Posted: Oct 2, 2002 @ 09:10:19 by Jim Granflaten
FYI The 315 is presently being restored by the Durango Railroad Historical Society, PO Box 543, Bayfield Co. 81122. At this point it has undergone a ultra sound and hydro. Presently the flues are being removed for an internal inspection. So far every thing looks good.