Southern Pacific Railroad 4-8-8-2 No. 4294
Sacramento, CA, United States
Location: CA State RR Museum
Status: Display
Posted: Nov 12, 2007 @ 21:11:48 by Hunter Lohse
This is the last survivor and the last one built
Posted: Nov 18, 2005 @ 13:11:00 by CJ

Very Large Engine!!! For anyone whom has seen this one up close, will know what I'm saying. Just shy of 127ft. lng. and well over 1,000,000lbs. when loaded. This sole surviving S.P. Cab ahead is a monster. My time in the cab while i was with the museum has given me a good understanding of what the conditions of driving one of thes giants was like. Most of the time this engine saw about 25-55 mph. There is a reel to reel papper tape speed recorder abord this train. It has been said, that at any time when this engine broke 55 mph, the speed would be recorded, and the tape revieued buy your train master. If he noticed the violation of speed, then your pay was reduced buy a fee. I have never been told buy how much. Its only a rumor, but fun to belive.

Posted: Jan 23, 2004 @ 18:01:10 by Greg Applegate
apparently, on the route between Truckee & Blue Canyon there would be snow drifts of 50 to 200 feet deep. Snow sheds were built to prevent covering of the railway. It was in these sheds that the crew were overcome by the gasses and this design, with greatly increased visibility as well, resulted. The original engines were compound and converted to simple later. The firebox being in the front required the fuel-oil to be pumped at 5 lb. pressure to the front of the loco from the tender, the entire engine having been turned around (notice the cylinders at the back of the drivers.)
Posted: May 17, 2003 @ 15:05:14 by Bob
This is a "Cab-Forward" locomotive. This means the cab is in front. It was used to make sure smoke didn't flow into the drivers cab while the engine was in tunnels. Very unusual engine...