Eritrean Railway 0-4-4-0T No. 442-54
Asmara, Eritrea
Location: Asmara-Massawa Line
Status: Operational
Posted: Mar 11, 2008 @ 03:03:08 by Steve Frost
The recent story of the Eritrean railway is one of astonishing reincarnation. With the various wars that devastated this part of Africa, the system was derelict from 1975. When the Eritreans won their independence from Ethiopia in 1991, the new government declared that they would rebuild the line. The route is spectacular with gradients as steep as 1 in 28 (3.6%), hairpin bends, viaducts and sheer drops from the ledge on which the trains run. The photo says it all! The locos are like this one, true Mallets and date from the colonial days when the Italians occupied the country. Remarkably, the locos were restored to working order by former railway workers, some aged over 90.