Champion Fibre Company Climax - 2 truck No. 3
Brevard, NC, United States
Location: Cradle of Forestry Museum
Status: Display
Posted: Sep 28, 2023 @ 08:09:23 by Jim Freeland
This locomotive is now under a roof.
Posted: Aug 23, 2004 @ 13:08:19 by Dennis Kafsky
This Climax engine is a pleasure to view, as it is displayed in historical context of a working period forestry operation. Note the American Log Loader in background. It's easy to sneak aboard the steam powered loader and get a good look at the boiler & gearing. Also at the Cradle of Forestry are period buildings, a portable steam sawmill and a blacksmith shop. On weekends there are mountain men and women volunteers who add to the experience. Asheville NC is also close if The Cradle of Forestry is easily accessed from the Blue Ridge Parkway ( 4mi.south on route 276 )