Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific RR 0-4-0T No. 82
Santa Maria, CA, United States
Location: Santa Maria Valley Railway Historical Museum
Status: Display
Posted: Aug 16, 2010 @ 22:08:13 by William Martin
This locomotive is now owned by the Santa Maria Valley Railway Historical Museum and will be on public display in Santa Maria, Ca.
Posted: Nov 20, 2006 @ 18:11:31 by
As of its movement to the roundhouse, this 0-4-0T it has been stored out doors. I has been painted flat black and the cab, the running boards, and the smoke stack have been totally rebuilt. There are possible plans it will be put on display somewere in the park and it is very unlikly it will run again
Posted: Jan 26, 2005 @ 21:01:34 by James L. Black

As of mid-2004, this locomotive had been moved up to Railtown's restoration facilities, although it was not stored indoors.  Prior to its movement, it had been stored at the end of the Sierra Railway's Angels Branch.

After movement into the State Park, the locomotive's cab,  running boards, and front pilot beam have been rebuilt, and the steam dome and smokestack have been reattached.  Rumors have it that the locomotive might be placed on display somewhere in the Park.

Posted: Apr 15, 2004 @ 16:04:28 by Jim Lundquist
This locomotive was part of a display at the National City Depot Restaurant.  The Museum traded the loco for two wooden coaches which are currently at Campo.