Feather River RR Shay - 3 truck No. 2
Jamestown, CA, United States
Location: Railtown 1897
Status: 1472-Day Overhaul
Posted: Oct 27, 2014 @ 20:10:02 by Corbin Young
Currently stored in Sierra roundhouse nonoperational awaiting repairs and funding. Problem with cylinders 2&3. The damage may be so extensive that the engine will never operate again.
Posted: Mar 14, 2003 @ 22:03:56 by Bill McCready
The Feather River Railway, owned by Georgia Pacific, hauled finished plywood products from the mill in Feather Falls, CA down 18 miles of curves to the WP Feather River Mainline. This shay and its twin sister #3 became stand-by power when FRR acquired a pair of GE 90-ton diesels. In the 1960s the construction of Oroville Dam meant the bottom third of FRR would soon be under water. In 1964(?) the Pacific Railroad Assoc chartered the Shays 2 & 3 for a final fantrip using 11 flatcars with fresh pinewood fencing, bench seating and walk-the-plank bridges connecting the cars. The twelfth flatcar held a collection of made-for-the-occaission privies. The 36 mile double-header RT went down to the WP mainline and then climbed back up the 5.5% grade to the mill. The following weekend the mill families used the consist for a longer trip, which also used 20 miles of the now-submerged WP main to create a 76-mile dawn-to-dusk excursion. Never to run together again, #3 went to San Diego and then to Cass VA. A smaller older sister FRR #1 is on display in an Oroville, CA park.