Texas & New Orleans RR 2-10-2 No. 975
Union, IL, United States
Location: Illinois Railway Museum
Status: Display
Posted: Feb 5, 2021 @ 21:02:33 by John Roby
Do you have any photos of TNO 975 as the locomotive appeared in Beaumont, before its removal?
Posted: Mar 2, 2008 @ 18:03:13 by craig smith
975 is a usra 2-10-2.
Posted: Jan 19, 2005 @ 16:01:20 by Chris Lewis
I spent many hours playing on this engine while it was in the park. I'm happy it was saved and I plan on visiting it. "Sister engine Southern Pacific F-1 Class #975 was also located in a city park, this time in Beaumont, TX. It was not maintained, however, and was in the condition you see here in April, 1993. That year, the city decided to build a jogging track and playground in the area where the engine was located. An ultimatum was given- find someone to take it, or it would be scrapped. The Illinois Railway Museum. bought the engine for a dollar, and moved it to a siding in the Southern Pacific rail yard in Beaumont. The tender and engine were uncoupled, and moved separately. The engine and tender were then repainted. The wheel bearings were overhauled so that they could roll again. The brake system was overhauled so that it will function off the train brakes. The engine and tender were reunited, and the driving rods removed. On October 13, 1995, a Southern Pacific diesel pulled #975 out of the siding that had been its home for over a year, and towed #975 to Houston, TX for the first part of its trek to Illinois. Then, #975 sat in Houston until October 18, when the IRYM's U30C (BN 5383) took it on the remainder of its journey to Union. It was moved at the blistering pace of 20 MPH, with stops every 100 miles to grease its journel bearings! On Thanksgiving, 1996 weekend the trio of BN 5283, CB&Q Hudson #3007 and #975 made it to the IRYM. Darryl Van Nort has the story of their trek to the museum, as well as a picture of #975 in it's current state of repair. Engines 982 and 975 are the last survivors of the F-1 Class. "
Posted: Jun 19, 2003 @ 12:06:43 by Frank Hicks
Concerning T&NO 975's ownership history: I don't know exactly when title was transferred, but 975 arrived at IRM on 24 October 1995.