United States Army 2-8-0 No. 610
Chattanooga, TN, United States
Location: East Station - TVRM
Status: Display
Posted: Mar 15, 2024 @ 21:03:39 by Luke
610 has been cosmetically restored and is on display
Posted: Oct 25, 2022 @ 13:10:33 by Swade Barned
Currently awaiting restoration. It seems some work and ultra-sounding has begun on 610. Possibly preparing for a return to operation for when 630 goes out of service in 2025.
Posted: Jul 19, 2022 @ 20:07:57 by jack barker
610 was actually built by the Baldwin Lima Hamilton Corporation. Please change her builder to that. Credit to Railroad Productions and Greg Scholl for the info in Steam in the Summer.
Posted: Mar 16, 2013 @ 07:03:56 by Daniel Hipp
610 was the last steam locomotive built by Baldwin for a U.S. customer.
Posted: Aug 8, 2010 @ 21:08:57 by Chris
I was just there the other day, and no steam all the ways this year, 610 did pass step one her boiler inspection, however she will need thre full check up and only has about 75 days left on her, so only local serivce on weekends and north pole trips, left for 610 till her rebuild
Posted: Oct 19, 2008 @ 16:10:56 by jon
No. 610 was in the movie leatherheads as the train they travled on from duluth minn. to chicago and back.
Posted: May 1, 2008 @ 19:05:44 by r. latham
A little reminder to everyone...610 is shortly going into her 17th year of operation. Good job TVRM for keeping 610 looking great, sounding great and keeping up with the demand.
Posted: May 8, 2007 @ 13:05:54 by Bill Dickert

TVRM #610 is currently running in daily service at the Tennessee Valley Railroad in Chattanooga.  She looks and sounds great.  Current consist is three heavyweight coaches running between Grand Junction Depot and East Chattanooga.  Several mainline excursions over Chattooga and Chickamauga Railroad (former Central of Georgia) mainline from Chattanooga to Summerville, GA are scheduled in 2007.  Go to www.tvrail.com for more information on trips.

Posted: Aug 24, 2005 @ 20:08:16 by Chris Kovacs
 Look for TVRM #610 in the movie "The Adventures of Oscee Nash". 610 pulled 3 coaches for the movie, and you'll even see her shoot out of the tunnel on the TVRM line!!
Posted: Jul 18, 2004 @ 01:07:30 by Chris Lindsey Elpatric

This locomotive was the last mainline engine ever built for use in America and this locomotive has been operational for a long time.  This locomotive seems to run more than the other steam locomotives since they are all stored awaiting an overhaul.   #610 has a few videos on the TVRY Website of her in operation.  The video was recorded by Windows Media Player and they are neat to see.

Posted: May 13, 2004 @ 17:05:43 by Andrew Durden
I'd also like to add that 610's maximum allowable pressure is 225, not 200, and that she was actually built by Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton.  She was the last steam locomotive built at the Eddystone plant for a domestic customer.
Posted: May 13, 2004 @ 17:05:18 by Andrew Durden
610 suffered only a bent drawbar, damaged tender bearing and some bent piping in the December 2003 derailment.  She was making her second to last trip of the season, anyway, and was easily repaired in time to start the 2004 season.  She is currently in service on weekends and will begin seven day a week operation in June.
Posted: Mar 1, 2004 @ 10:03:46 by David Fields
As of 12/13/03 this locomotive's status is "Static" due to the tender splitting a switch enroute to Debutts Yard during an excursion the day before. The tender was listed as "destroyed" by the Tennessee Valley Railroad employee I spoke to.
Posted: Oct 1, 2002 @ 17:10:28 by Alan Walker
A-class locomotive. Last steam locomotive built by Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton for domestic service.
Posted: Sep 4, 2002 @ 08:09:52 by Doug Bailey
Need daytime photo, video of this locomotive.