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JNR 2-8-2 No. D51-515Posted by: Achim on Dec 10, 2023 @ 03:12:09
Builder: JNR Omiya Plant Year of construction: 1941 with c/n 28 Retired in 1970 Exhibited in the “Senba City Park” since 1971

JNR 0-6-2T No. 2272Posted by: Achim on Dec 10, 2023 @ 03:12:32
Builder: North British Locomotive Company. Year of manufacture: 1905 with c/n 16805. Delivered to Army Field Railway Division 788 (Japan). Shut down in 1961. Displayed under cover at the JR West Japan Kanazawa General Vehicle Office Matsuto Honsho. Location: 36.53067558233988, 136.56898678686545

Fairmount & Baltimore Coal & Coke Co. 0-4-0 No. UnknownPosted by: Denis Larrick on Dec 9, 2023 @ 12:12:48
This engine is now in private hands in Japan. The owner is cosmetically restoring it at home and the pics he has sent me show that he is doing a first class job.

Carbon Limestone Co. 0-4-0T No. 33Posted by: Denis Larrick on Dec 9, 2023 @ 12:12:23
New boiler soon to arrive. Should be running on new Doe River Gorge loop of track for the Christmas Train 2024.

Standard Turpentine 0-4-0T No. UnknownPosted by: Denis Larrick on Dec 9, 2023 @ 12:12:20
Probably c/n 4726 at Coatesville Steel Museum in PA. Shows on Google Street View.

MINAZ 4-6-0 No. 1515Posted by: Anonymous on Dec 9, 2023 @ 12:12:49
#1515 has been at Australia mill since the 1980s

MINAZ 2-8-0 No. 1382Posted by: Anonymous on Dec 9, 2023 @ 12:12:12
1382 suffered a boiler explosion in 2000, at one of the loading points

MINAZ 2-6-0 No. 1505Posted by: Anonymous on Dec 9, 2023 @ 12:12:38
The mill at P. T. Brau has been closed since 2003 and the tracks there have been lifted. It isn’t possible for this locomotive to be operational there

Mount Tamapais & Muir Woods Ry Heisler - 2 truck No. 9Posted by: Bob H on Dec 9, 2023 @ 11:12:58

London & North Eastern Railway 4-6-2 No. 60103 (4472) 'Flying Scotsman'Posted by: Russell Newman on Dec 9, 2023 @ 10:12:16
The worlds most famous steam locomotive LNER A3 Class Pacific No. 60103 (No. 4472) "Flying Scotsman" is back relocated at her home at the National Railway Museum in York in Yorkshire, as her time under custodianship with Riley & Son Engineering Ltd. is coming to an end soon at the end of the year. Its currently unknown what will happen to "Flying Scotsman" from 2024 as the National Railway Museum are looking at options for the locomotive as they are still commited to see her still operated out on both the mainline and heritage railway circuit still, following her succussful centenary year.

British Railways 2-6-4T No. 80064Posted by: Russell Newman on Dec 9, 2023 @ 10:12:02
In a surprise move, BR Standard 4MT 2-6-4T No. 80064 has now left the Bluebell Railway, and has been relocated to a new home at the West Somerset Railway at Minehead, Somerset, by its owners the 80064 Locomotive Fund.

SZD 0-6-0T No. 9P-18430Posted by: Achim on Dec 9, 2023 @ 10:12:25
Location: 56.28319047282333, 43.84322869239034

Egyptian State Railways Railcar No. 5208Posted by: Russell Newman on Dec 9, 2023 @ 10:12:57
The unique former Egyptian National Railways Sentinel and Metro Cammell built steam railcar No. 5208 is being open up for offers by the Quainton Road Railway Society, who are offering it to a good new home. Built in 1951 and exported for use on the Egyptian National Railways in the same year, No. 5208 was one of ten units that around Cairo, out of El Wasta Depot some 50 miles south of Cairo and around Tanta some 50 miles north of Cairo. It was withdrawn from service in 1962 and placed into storage at El Wasta Depot, were it remained until 1984 when it was repatriated back to the UK for preservation by the then Sentinel Trust. Some restoration work has been carried out on the unit, but stopped in 2007 due to lack of funds. No. 5208 is very unique in railway preservation and the society are open to anyone who would take on Sentinel Steam Railcar on.

SZD 0-8-0T+T No. 159-495 (Carries Yup4-95)Posted by: Achim on Dec 9, 2023 @ 10:12:29
Old location before recommissioning: 48.299464130936535, 25.950241868111224

Dzherelo 2-10-0 No. SO17-4371Posted by: Achim on Dec 9, 2023 @ 10:12:04
c/n is 4371 Location: 50.439915931787475, 30.486775860115692

SZD 0-10-0 No. Em740-44Posted by: Achim on Dec 9, 2023 @ 09:12:17
Location: 48.29625498007222, 38.10289082344986

British Sugar Corporation 0-4-0ST No. 'Albert'Posted by: Russell Newman on Dec 9, 2023 @ 09:12:38
The Plym Valley Railway is looking to buy ex British Sugar Corporation Andrew Barclay built 0-4-0ST Works No. 2248 "Albert" from her owner for futher use as their own steam locomotive, to help reduced the need of hiring in a steam locomotive per season. An appeal to help raise £40,000 to buy the locomotive has been set up which details can be found on their website and social media pages.

UZ (SZD) 0-10-0 No. Er799-82Posted by: Achim on Dec 9, 2023 @ 09:12:43
c/n is 7178 Location: 48.30061960175886, 25.950783992032648

Byfield Quarries 0-6-0ST No. 2 'Byfield'Posted by: Russell Newman on Dec 9, 2023 @ 09:12:09
The former Byfield Quarries, Bagnall built 0-6-0ST Works No. 2655 "Byfield No. 2" is being put up for sale by the Plym Valley Railway, to see the locomotive go to a new home and to help with the purchase of ex British Sugar Corporation Andrew Barclay built 0-4-0ST Works No. 2248 "Albert" for the railway.

JNR 2-6-2T No. C12-280Posted by: Achim on Dec 9, 2023 @ 09:12:13
Kawasaki, 1935, c/n 1624

JNR 2-8-2 No. D50-25Posted by: Achim on Dec 9, 2023 @ 09:12:52
Kawasaki, 1924, c/n 1014

Perrygrove Railway 0-6-0ST No. 'Mr Hallworth'Posted by: Russell Newman on Dec 9, 2023 @ 09:12:34
The Perrygrove Railway’s 2023 North Bay Engineering built 0-6-0ST "Mr Hallworth" was steamed for the very first time and moved under steam for the first time as well at North Bay Railway Engineering Services, in Darlington. The locomotive will soon be delivered to the Perrygrove Railway, ready to enter service in 2024.

Great Western Railway 2-8-0 No. 3850Posted by: Russell Newman on Dec 9, 2023 @ 09:12:17
The boiler of ex GWR 2884 Class 2-8-0 No. 3850 has been refitted to the mainframes of the locomotive, and is now reaching the final stages of its overhaul and rebuild. It is hoped that No. 3850 will be in steam at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway in 2024.

LMS Patriot Project 4-6-0 No. 45551 'The Unknown Warrior'Posted by: Russell Newman on Dec 9, 2023 @ 09:12:39
The New-build LMS Patriot 4-6-0 No. 5551 "The Unknown Warrior" has since relocated to its new base at Tyseley Locomotive Works near Birmingham in Worcestshire, where construction of the locomotive will continue on there.

BDZ (Heeresfeldbahn) 0-8-0T-T No. 46560 (HF1039)Posted by: Achim on Dec 9, 2023 @ 09:12:06
The restoration of the BDŽ 465.60 (Henschel 15052) was not carried out due to excessive damage. The boiler, which is still in good condition, will be used for the planned restoration of the BDŽ 458.60 (Henschel 16013). Nothing is known about the whereabouts of the remains.

Magnesit Werke 0-4-0T No. UnknownPosted by: Achim on Dec 9, 2023 @ 08:12:11
The locomotive was scrapped. Only the control system has been preserved as an example at the Graz University of Technology.

UNRRA 0-8-0 No. 12Posted by: Achim on Dec 9, 2023 @ 07:12:24
Location: 44.71738686903185, 21.173988697393

JZ 0-4-0T No. 44.004Posted by: Achim on Dec 9, 2023 @ 07:12:55
The oldest preserved steam locomotive in Serbia, JŽ 44-004 "Pula" from 1864. This locomotive of great historical importance was targeted by thieves who badly damaged it during a break-in into the old engine shed after the old Main Railway Station was shut down. After this incident she was transferred to Blue Train depot in Topcider. 44.76071712458011, 20.444779214649213

PKP (DRB) 2-10-0 No. Ty5-17 (50.1032)Posted by: Achim on Dec 9, 2023 @ 06:12:49
Scrapping confirmed

PKP (DRB) 2-10-0 No. Ty2-1276 (52 4409)Posted by: Achim on Dec 9, 2023 @ 06:12:17
Scrapped 1988
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