Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific RR 4-6-2 No. 938
Union, Illinois, United States
Location: Illinois Railway Museum
Status: Cosmetic Restoration
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Photo Copyright © Jeff Terry
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Posted: Jul 12, 2014 @ 20:07:32 by Trevor Palczynski
#938 is currently in the Steam Department Shops for cosmetic work.
Posted: Jun 9, 2007 @ 18:06:16 by John Heid
still primed, no paint. the "front end" referred to in J.D. Marzek's post is part of the pilot.
Posted: Mar 6, 2007 @ 22:03:53 by John Heid
Word on the streets is that its in very good mechanical shape. Might be wrong. New front? As in headlight, etc? When will it be repainted? It was primed when I was last at IRM.
Posted: Nov 24, 2006 @ 14:11:06 by J.D. Marzec
939 has its new front end on.
Posted: Jul 11, 2004 @ 14:07:39 by Steve Bleakley
This locomotive was donated in 1955 to Oklahoma for display on the grounds of Enid State School, a center for handicapped children. I grew up in Enid and remember seeing it on display.  Around 1990 it had fallen into great disrepair and was donated and/or sold to the Ft. Worth & Western in Texas.  In 1995 it was purchased by Illinois Railway Museum who will hopefully restore it either to operational or even cosmetic standards. It is one of three CRI&P Pacifics in existence and I'm pretty sure the only three donated RI steam locos still standing.