Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal 0-6-0T No. 15
Strasburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Location: Strasburg RR
Status: Operational
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Posted: Mar 30, 2019 @ 11:03:01 by Russell Newman
The Strasburg Railroads Thomas The Tank Engine is being repainted in time for the Day out with Thomas season in the United States of America.
Posted: Aug 6, 2014 @ 18:08:09 by
You need to put coal as its fuel. It ran on oil when built, but Strasburg converted it to coal when they purchased it.
Posted: Jul 14, 2014 @ 15:07:52 by
B.E.D.T 15 or Thomas has now been equipped with a CGI style face and can talk. The dummies do too. Strasburg RR has a picture of him with the face.
Posted: Dec 27, 2009 @ 14:12:21 by Jordon F
BEDT #15 is the only Thomas the Tank Engine that is powered by steam. There are actually SIX Thomas the Tank Engines. The others only use a fire to produce the smoke, or are equipped with a diesel engine to power it. One Thomas is built to run on 36" narrow gauge track. I grew up with Thomas, and now I am a full-fledged train enthusiast, and given up Thomas.
Posted: Feb 15, 2006 @ 10:02:55 by Joshua
Engine's saddle tank to WK&S in Kempton, PA.
Posted: Aug 11, 2005 @ 22:08:41 by Philip M. Goldstein
Greetings all.
I beg to differ, but #15 was originally built as an oil burner. It was converted to coal when rebuilt as Thomas. I personally asked Linn (Moedinger) (C.M.O of Strasburg RR) about this in 2002, and he confirmed the conversion. (Almost all Strasburg's equipment is coal fired, save for Plymouth #1 and Lancaster, Oxford & Southern #10) 
I am a BEDT historian for many years, helped start restoration on BEDT #16, have and anticipate working on BEDT#13, and now currently part of the restoration crew for BEDT #14 (Ulster & Delaware Railroad Historical Society), I think I can say with 100% confidence, #15 was an oil burner when built.
For more BEDT information, I recommend visiting my BEDT website at:
Philip M. Goldstein
Margaretville, NY
(formally of Brooklyn, NY)
Posted: Aug 17, 2004 @ 12:08:51 by craig smith
bedt #15 is now thomas. Thomases home is strasburg railroad. Thomas is popular for kids so strasburg railroad decided to by the bedt #15 and turn it into thomas the tank engine. #15  had traveled from sattle tank to a side tank. Now thomas all over the u.s. for day out with thomas events. 
Posted: Aug 9, 2004 @ 19:08:38 by Kevin Madore
The data page indicates that this is an oil-fired locomotive, but that is not correct.  At least since it's restoration as "Thomas", this engine has always been a coal burner.
Posted: Oct 17, 2002 @ 17:10:17 by Mike DiMunno

Hi, here's some info on BEDT 15:

Cosmetically rebuilt by Strasburg shops into Thomas the Tank Engine, a current photo can be seen at the link below:

This is the full steam Thomas, not an unpowered dummy locomotive.

Hope this info helps.