International Rhine Regulation Rly 0-4-0T No. 12 'St. Gallen'
Lustenau, Austria, Austria
Location: Museum Rheinschauen
Status: Unknown
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Photo Copyright © Friederich Böhringer
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Posted: Mar 27, 2020 @ 22:03:54 by Dave Stretton
When I visited the loco was in the shed/workshop it does appear to be in operational codition.It had no plates on but carried a No. 6 on the front of the chimney. There are also photos of it in steam and carrying the name "Widnau"
Posted: Oct 12, 2019 @ 14:10:21 by Dale W Fickés
This locomotive was formerly Rheinregulierungsbahn No. 12 St. Gallen though latterly it lost its number. Whilst it is located at the Rheinregulierungsbahn, Lustenau, Austria it is actually owned by Community Widnau, Switzerland across the River Rhine
Posted: Sep 8, 2016 @ 07:09:29 by Ivo Rutishauser
Lustenau is in Austria, not Switzerland. Loco used to operate on IRR (International Rhine Regulation)Rly which had routes on both sides of the river Rhine, in Austria and Switzerland. The main workshops were in Lustenau, Austria. Museum Rheinschauen is now situated there. The loco was once plinthed in Widnau, Switzerland before being brought to Lustenau