Anaconda Copper Mining Co. 0-4-0T No. 124
Great Falls, MT, United States
Location: Montana Museum of Railroad History (Montana State Fairgrounds)
Status: Display
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Photo Copyright © Dale Brown
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Posted: Sep 5, 2013 @ 16:09:48 by Jack Dykstra
This Davenport 0-4-0T pictured here is #124 and has been moved as of May, 2013 into the building housing the Montana Museum of Railroad History, at the Montana Expo Park (fairgrounds), Great Falls, Montana. It was built and delivered to the Anaconda Mining Co. as #124 and was mis-identified as #126 located at the World Museum of Mining, Butte. The mining museum does have another identical locomotive on display. No. 124 is 30-inch narrow gauge as listed. Jack Dykstra, Secretary, Montana Museum of Railroad History
Posted: Mar 24, 2011 @ 12:03:08 by Bob Vinton
This picture is of what is now numbered locomotive 124 and is still at the Mehmke Farm. The locomotive was owned by Jack Hoover of Belt Montana, Jack purchased this engine from the Anaconda Mining Co., Jack has since died and his estate has graciously donated the locomotive to the Montana Museum of Railroad History located on the Montana State Fairgrounds and will be moved and placed on perminant display in the spring of 2011.
Posted: Sep 2, 2002 @ 14:09:51 by Doug Bailey
Butte, MT Chamber of Commerce indicates that this locomotive, formerly at the Mehmke Steam Museum in Fife, MT is now displayed at the World Mining Museum in Butte. Database updated, ownership history pending.