South Eastern & Chatham Railway 0-6-0T No. 323 (31323) 'Bluebell'
Sheffield Park, Sussex, UK
Location: Bluebell Railway
Status: Display
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Photo Copyright © Robin R Beck
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Posted: Jul 2, 2019 @ 05:07:58 by Russell Newman
The former South Eastern & Chatham Railway P Class 0-6-0T No. 323 "Bluebell" is on static display in the shed at Sheffield Park on the Bluebell Railway as it was taken out of service early due to boiler problems early in 2019.
Posted: Mar 5, 2019 @ 10:03:43 by Russell Newman
No. 323 "Bluebell" has been withdrawn from service as she is in need for another 10 year overhaul.
Posted: Feb 15, 2018 @ 14:02:54 by Russell Newman
The ex South Eastern & Chatham Railway P Class 0-6-0T No. 323 "Bluebell" is venturing on its travels again this year as its visiting the Spa Valley Railway. From the 24th of February till the end of March where it will be working trains from Tunbridge Wells along side there resident steam and diesel locomotives. No. 323 will return to the Bluebell Railway in time for Easter.
Posted: May 22, 2017 @ 12:05:22 by Russell Newman
323 "Bluebell" is to make another visit away from its Bluebell Railway home later this year as its visiting the Severn Valley Railway for the first time for there Autumn Steam Gala on the 21st to the 24th of September.
Posted: Jan 13, 2017 @ 14:01:12 by Russell Newman
The Bluebell Railways flagship South Eastern & Chatham Railway P Class tank No. 323 Bluebell will be venturing North for the first time to Saffordshire as it to take part at in the Winter Steam Gala at the Churnet Valley Railway in February next month.