PKP 0-8-0 No. Px48-1912 (Displayed as Px48-1724)
Pleszew Wask, Greater Poland, Poland
Location: Railway Station
Status: Display
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Posted: Jan 11, 2021 @ 14:01:20 by Dale W Fickés
This locomotive was delivered to, and based at Warszawa Stalowa, though it visited lines at Rogów & Biala Podlaska (1956) and Mlawa both in 1963 and 1975. Gniezno followed in 1976 and 1993 and, in 2000 it was placed on display at Pleszew Miasto Station (bearing the false plates of No. Px48-1724). The actual (real) No. Px48-1724 is still be found at Swietokrzyska. In the Spring of 2020 No. PX48-1912 (as No. 1724) went for renovation in Sroda Wielkopolska then, months later, returned for display in the same guise by the SKPL, 63-300 Pleszew Wask., Greater Poland