PKP (DRB) 2-10-0 No. Ty2-446 (52 5134)
Koscierzyna, Pomerania, Poland
Location: Skansen Parowozownia
Status: Display
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Photo Copyright © Ron Ferguson
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Posted: Jan 10, 2021 @ 13:01:19 by Dale W Fickés
This is another locomotive that was delivered to the DRB as No. 52 5134 for a couple of years before being included in the PKP inventory at Olsztyn for five years, then moving to the far north at Korsze in 1950. It was back briefly at Olsztyn in 1954 before returning to Korsze and, in 1967, went to Chojnice and was finally withdrawn from here in 1993. In August 2004 it went from Chojnice to Gdynia Grabówek depot via Leba and Lebork and, just a month later from here for display at Skansen Parowozownia, Towarowa 7, 83-400 Koscierzyna, Pomerania