Unknown 4wVBCT No. None
Whiteman Park, Western Australia, Australia
Location: Tractor Museum of Western Australia
Status: Display
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Photo Copyright © Robin R Beck
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Posted: Apr 30, 2020 @ 16:04:59 by Robin R Beck
This standard gauge steam shovel is Bucyrus straight boom model 14B. Produced after 1912 it is claimed this shovel may have been purchased to work on the Trans-Australian railway. This 1,051 mile standard gauge railway ran rrom Port Augusta, South Australia to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. It was well suited for this work, easily making a deep cutting through soft earth or sand. Suitable for double track operations. Many Australian railways were constructed using similar self propelled steam shovels.

It now stands outside the Tractor Museum at Whitemans Park, Perth. This museum houses a huge selection of tractors and farm machinery. Whitemans Park is where most of Perth heritage transport organisations have their collections and workshops. Narrow gauge railway, trams, classic cars and buses. Most weekends, trains, tram & buses operate. On special days heritage rallies are held.