Pioneer Mining & Ditch Climax - 2 truck No. Unknown
Nome, Alaska, United States
Location: Unknown
Status: Parts Source
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Posted: Apr 12, 2018 @ 07:04:28 by John Taubeneck
C/N (399?) 15 tons Class A 36” gauge Wild Goose RR Nome, AK Nome-Arctic RR “ 1903 Seward Peninsula RR “ 1906 (not used after 1911) Maine Northwestern Development Co. Nome, AK 1913 Pioneer Mining & Ditch Co. Nome, AK (leased 1913, purchased 1920) Territory of Alaska Nome, AK 1921 Mr. Kenney (loaned) “ 1926 Converted to “Diesel” engine (photographs show Gas engine) Abandoned at Nome Parts dug up 1983 Trucks, engine, and other parts still here 1994