Sudbahn 0-10-0 No. 480.01 (257.601)
Strasshof, Austria, Austria
Location: Das Heizhaus
Status: Display
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Photo Copyright © Phil Holton
Here are the notes for Sudbahn No. 480.01 (257.601), a 0-10-0 located in Strasshof, Austria. If you have additional information about this locomotive, and would like to share it, click the Add Note button.

Posted: Apr 27, 2008 @ 13:04:48 by Phil Holton
No 480.01 (257.601) is an example of the old kkStB Class 80, a two-cylinder simple 0-10-0. The class first appeared in 1911 and represented the last stage of the Golsdorf 0-10-0 type for the kkStB (Imperial (Kaiserlich) Royal ( Koniglich) State Railway). One of these machines, no. 80.988 (57.223) is also preserved at Strasshof and my photo of it is on the web site. The original Golsdorf 0-10-0s were compounds introduced in 1900. No 180.01 (Floridsdorf 1900) which is also at Strasshof, but with no photograph, is an example. No 480.01 was one of six of the kkStB’s Class 80s built for the Austrian Sudbahn as their class 480. After WW1 the Austrian railways were progressively nationalised to become part of the Austrian Federal Railway, the BB0. In 1938 this became part of the German State Railways (DR) and its locos were renumbered into that system. The kkStB’s class 80s became class 57 while the Sudbahn class 480 became class (2)57.6. The earlier compound locos became class 57.4 After WW2 the OBB was reconstituted but the DR numbers were retained. I believe the “2” was added at that time. The class 257 continued to work to the end of the 1950s/early 60s, including banking duties on the old Sudbahn's mainline over the Semmering Pass. Many of both classes were latterly fitted with Geisl ejectors including 257.606. No. 257.605 is also at Strasshof in “ex Barry” condition. I have a photo of it taken in October 1992.