PKP (KPEV) 2-6-0F (2-6-0T) No. TKi3b-48 (7348)
Pila, Greater Poland, Poland
Location: Interlok
Status: Rebuilding (see notes)
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Here are the notes for PKP (KPEV) No. TKi3b-48 (7348), a 2-6-0F (2-6-0T) located in Pila, Greater Poland. If you have additional information about this locomotive, and would like to share it, click the Add Note button.

Posted: Nov 18, 2020 @ 12:11:18 by Steve Frost, European Editor
Dale W Fick├ęs tells the fascinating tale of this locomotive:

I think this is actually TKi3b-48 now a 2-6-0F (actually built as a T93 conventional 2-6-0T) which was at Konin in 1996. It is Orenstein & Koppel 2717 of 1908. It was delivered as KPEV Kattowitz 7348 and, in 1929, became PKP-A No. TKi3-171; from 1941-1945 it was DRB No. 91 617 then PKP-B No. TKi3-94. In 1956 it was withdrawn from service as a conventional steam locomotive and sent to ZNTK Wroclaw for conversion into a fireless steam locomotive. In1957 it went to KWB Konin, the briquetting plant of Marants (as TKi3b-48, boiler ZNTK Wroclaw 14489/1955), being withdrawn at the end of the century. In 2004, following disassembly it was transported to MaLoWa in Benndorf (Germany). Apparently the steam tank was cut in Poland, the chassis was sold to Museums-Eisenbahn Minden e.V. and a T93 series steam engine with a new boiler, is to be rebuilt on the chassis, currently at Interlok, Zakopianska 1, 64-920 Pila, Greater Poland