JNR 4-6-2 No. C57-128
Otsu, Shiga, Japan
Location: Shiritsu Kagaku-Kan (The Municipal Science Museum)
Status: Display
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Photo Copyright © DAJF / Wikimedia Commons
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Posted: Oct 11, 2017 @ 02:10:40 by Yuki Taki
This locomotive is a bit of a hot topic among preservationists in Japan, principally because of the locomotive number stamped onto its no. 2 leading wheelset. The wheelset appears to have been on, at least at some point in its history, No. C544, a member of the extinct C54 class of 17 light Pacifics. Relics of this class are extremely rare to come by, with only two other artifacts known to exist (numberplates in Tottori and Osaka).The same wheelset is also home to stamps for No. C5520, the first of 20 such streamlined light Pacifics. So all in all, one hell of a rich history for a pair of wheels.