SAR 4-8-0 No. 987
Matjiesfontein, Western Cape, South Africa
Location: Transport Museum
Status: Display
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Photo Copyright © Ken Livermore
Here are the notes for SAR No. 987, a 4-8-0 located in Matjiesfontein, Western Cape. If you have additional information about this locomotive, and would like to share it, click the Add Note button.

Posted: Apr 20, 2020 @ 04:04:25 by brian-hillsdon
yes this is Nielson 4477/1893 not dubs
Posted: Sep 16, 2012 @ 15:09:17 by Ken Livermore
Dear Sirs, please note that I have uploaded a fairly recent photo of No. 987 to your website but I think you will find that the engine was actually built at the Neilson works in Galsgow rather than at Dubs. Best Regards, Ken