Hardaway Contracting Co. 0-4-0T No. 5
Tifton, Georgia, United States
Location: Georgia Agrirama
Status: Operational
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Photo Copyright © Jonathan Eau Claire
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Posted: Jun 7, 2020 @ 19:06:44 by Bob Elbourne
That funny thing or shape on top of the chimney is a spark arrestor.
Posted: Jan 26, 2016 @ 10:01:43 by ghislain gerard
This engine now runs on diesel.
Posted: Jul 2, 2014 @ 06:07:36 by Joe Zullo
I was just riding this engine this weekend and it is in fact #5. I have photos to prove it.
Posted: Apr 28, 2005 @ 21:04:45 by Chris Little
Right now this Engine is the one that is running and is pulling two small wooden coaches. No. 3 is now officially in the shops and has had its tender completely off and on a platform while it is pointing in the wrong way which meqans it'll have to be turned.
Posted: Mar 24, 2005 @ 16:03:53 by Chris Little
This engines real number is No.1 it usd to be No.5 but now it's No.1 and to prove it look at the picture in the photo album and you'll see in the front of the boiler and it'll say No.1. And by the way I wanted to tell you that No.1 is the first engine they got as a matter of fact before they even started building the railroad No.1 was lying on a piece of track rusting away at Agrirama until they finally built the railroad as another matter of fact this engine started the railroad.
Posted: Mar 23, 2005 @ 21:03:25 by Chris Little
This engine has had that funny shape the top of its smokestack removed so the smokestack is back to its original look.
Posted: Aug 4, 2004 @ 10:08:58 by brad
This engine has been converted to burn # 2 diesel. It is the operational engine at Agrirama.