Consolidated Mines Co. 0-4-0T No. 35
Prescott, AZ, United States
Location: Sharlot Hall Museum
Status: Display
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Photo Copyright © Dale Brown
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Posted: Jun 26, 2005 @ 11:06:23 by Eric Sitiko
This porter ran in Lincoln Neraska as a steam dummy. When brought to AZ cab was shortened to resemble a standard locomotive. Details still that of a steam dummy. Best example, sliding door at cab rear, curved bumper rear, and wood trim over steam dome has arch for doorway, when that wall used to be in front of smoke box. Loco operated in ~'85 for a Prescott rail event, that was reason for cab being restored/ rebuilt. could be made operational, just time and money (and that lap seam boiler)
Posted: May 5, 2003 @ 17:05:39 by Lawrence Hargis
Nice picture of a tarp!  I took the tarp off one day and took a few photos...would you like one?