Texas & New Orleans RR 2-8-2 No. 786
Austin, TX, United States
Location: Austin & Texas Central RR
Status: Restoration
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Photo Copyright © Doug Bailey
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Posted: Aug 13, 2014 @ 22:08:58 by Raymond Jackson
The locomotive has moved back to Austin back in 2013 and is now awaiting to be assembled. Plans re to run it soon.
Posted: Aug 21, 2008 @ 08:08:09 by Buddy
Locomotive is currently in Alabama at Historic Machinery Services getting Class 5 repairs. Photos of work are online at http://www.pointech.com/786/
Posted: Jun 9, 2006 @ 19:06:30 by George S.
The "Alco-Brooks Construction Number List" indicates that Construction Numbers 55961 through 55980; Road Numbers 775 through 777, 798 & 779 through 794; were shipped to "Southern Pacific" during August and September of 1916. All of the units were 2-8-2's with a "Specified" weight of 281,000 pounds (This is not necessarily the "Actual" weight).
Posted: Dec 30, 2003 @ 12:12:03 by Adam Parsons
T&NS 2-8-2 #786 is under going restoration to operation cause of a cracked cylinder saddle that is going to have to be replaced.  Right now she is sitting in pieces at the A&TC RR's shops.  Strasburg RR has been contracted to produce a new cylinder saddle for the engine.