Bologoje Sleepers 0-8-0 No. Kch4-332
Lavassaare, Estonia, Estonia
Location: Estonian Railway Museum
Status: Operational
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Photo Copyright © Dale W Fickés
Here are the notes for Bologoje Sleepers No. Kch4-332, a 0-8-0 located in Lavassaare, Estonia. If you have additional information about this locomotive, and would like to share it, click the Add Note button.

Posted: Apr 15, 2018 @ 09:04:30 by Dale W Fickés
This locomotive was, on 26 July 2015, operating the 2 km line between Müramaa and Lavassaare at the Estonian Railway Museum, Estonia, having been replaced in Gulbene, Latvia by No. Gr-319 as noted on 16 July 2015.
Posted: Feb 5, 2007 @ 15:02:31 by Davis Bush
This loco was restored and now is running on Gulbene-Aluksne narrow gauge railway in Latvia. See