DR (DRG) 2-8-2T No. 86.1049-5 (86 049)
Schwarzenberg, Sachsen, Germany
Location: Verein Sächsischer Railway Society
Status: Display
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Photo Copyright © Rosita Schadlich (Google)
Here are the notes for DR (DRG) No. 86.1049-5 (86 049), a 2-8-2T located in Schwarzenberg, Sachsen. If you have additional information about this locomotive, and would like to share it, click the Add Note button.

Posted: Oct 11, 2023 @ 04:10:13 by Dale W Fickés
EDP should be 86 1049-5 (per image NOT -8) as previously stated!
Posted: Oct 10, 2023 @ 08:10:45 by Achim
Rollable and completely preserved museum locomotive in a well-maintained condition in the locomotive shed (visitable). 50.546252° 12.773099°
Posted: Jun 20, 2022 @ 03:06:40 by Dale W Fickes
Originally DRG, soon to become DRB, as No. 86 049 that, after WW2 in 1949 re-emerged with DR in the same identity. It was later given the EDP of No. 86 1049-8; was withdrawn in 1991 and since 1992 has been displayed by EF, Schwarzenberg Museum, believed unserviceable.