DB 2-10-0 No. 043.196-5 (44.1203)
Salzbergen, Niedersachsen, Germany
Location: Museum
Status: Display
Photo Album
Here is the photo album for DB No. 043.196-5 (44.1203), a 2-10-0 located in Salzbergen, Niedersachsen. If you would like to suggest additional photos for this album, please click here.
Photo Copyright © Joachim K. Löckener
DB Class 43 2-10-0 No.044 196-5 double-heading with 'sister' No.043 175, back to their home depot at Rheine (Ems) outside Lingen (Ems) on 31st January 1975. Clearly a line favourite, the locomotive was quickly restored and displayed, as it is now, outside Bf Salzbergen.
Photo Copyright © Dale W Fickés