OSE 2-10-2 No. 1002
Athens, Greece, Greece
Location: Rouf Goods Station
Status: Stored
Photo Album
Here is the photo album for OSE No. 1002, a 2-10-2 located in Athens, Greece. If you would like to suggest additional photos for this album, please click here.
A somewhat neglected 2-10-2 stands at the platform with more recently manufactured company. Which one is most impressive?
Photo Copyright © Allan Scotson
I can't see much need for the fire fighting gear any more. Do they know something we don't?
Photo Copyright © Andrew Heap
The cab with its discoloured paint and rusty roof. The letters before the number indicate the class of the loco - Mu-alpha.
Photo Copyright © Andrew Heap
This might have been a going away shot...if only it had that last coupling rod and a fire in the boiler. If only...
Photo Copyright © Andrew Heap
Pictured stored besides Rouf Goods Station, Athens 9 June 2011
Photo Copyright © Dale W Fick├ęs