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SAR No. 3052 Ficksburg, Free State
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Reefsteamers is a non profit Company. Who are affiliated to the Transnet Heritage Foundation (Railway Museum) and are controlled under their auspices.

Friends of the Rail
Friends of the Rail are a group preserving South African Railway Heritage.

Sandstone Heritage Trust
The Sandstone Heritage Trust is one of the centres of excellence in the global preservation movement. The trust has a large number of preserved Narrow gauge locomotives at the Sandstone Estates Ltd and one of the biggest numbers of mainline steam locomotives in South Africa kept at Bloemfontein sheds. 3052 is under there custodianship for its owner the famous railway and wild life artiste "David Shepherd CBE FRSA FGRA".

David Shepherd OBE
The late Richard David Shepherd CBE FRSA FGRA was a British artist and one of the worlds most outspoken conservationists. He was most famous for his paintings of steam locomotives and wildlife, although he also often painted aircraft, portraits and landscapes. He also saved and owned a number of steam locomotives in the UK and South Africa. This website has many of his famous paintings and history of the locomotives he saved and owned.

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