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Victorian Railways No. R766 North Rothbury, New South Wales
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Steamrail Victoria
Steamrail Victoria is a not-for-profit volunteer group established in 1965 to restore and operate historic locomotives and rolling stock used on the railways in Victoria, Australia. R766 was formerly owned by them and they still support the locomotive as there are plans to run it on the Standard Gauge lines in Victoria.

Hunter Valley Steamfest
Hunter Valley Steamfest is one of the major events every year in the New South Wales steam locomotive season and also one of the major events held in Maitland, in the Hunter Region in Australia. R766 will take part in the not to distant future.

The Picnic Train
The Picnic Train is a brand name for steam train tours to exciting country destinations within a few hours of Sydney. R766 will be operating on those trains for them.

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