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DB (DRG)(KPEV) No. 038 772-0 (38.1772) (Königsberg 2459) 4-6-0
Pfeifer & Langen (KPEV) No. Köln 1833 0-6-2T
DRG (Staatsbahn) No. 98.507 (2730) 0-6-2T
DB (DRB) No. 012.104-6 (01.1104) 4-6-2.3Cyl
Caledonian Railway No. <font color='red'>828<font color='black'> 17566 57566 0-6-0
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Total Photos in System: 32226
Locomotives with Video: 1568
Lost Locomotives: 874
Last Update: Aug 28th, 2023
Article Title: Some Notes About Gauge in Our Database
Last Update: June 27th, 2023
Article Title: LNER A4 Pacific News
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