Locomotive in India

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Locomotive in India

Postby Doug Bailey » Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:48 am

A visitor to the site forwarded the image below.

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The picture was taken in West Bengal, India, by his grandfather who worked there in the early 1940s. He believes the picture may have been taken at the Hirapor Coke Works. Can anyone provide further information about this locomotive?
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Re: Locomotive in India

Postby Overmod » Thu Jan 19, 2017 1:15 pm

You may get a lot further by spelling the name "Hirapur"

According to Mick Pope (in 1979-80) there were quite a few 0-4-2 tanks in this area built by Andrew Barclay (of Kilmarnock, Scotland) and those might be compared with this picture. The Burnpur steelworks and its associated coke ovens were built around the time of the end of WW1 (after problems with shipment of steel and products from Europe during that war) and this fits neatly with the timeframe of many of the Barclay engines (1919-1928). From what I have seen, the internal trackage in the plant was 2'6", but I think that checking on the markings on the coupled 'van' would be a good idea, as it doesn't seem like a narrow-gauge vehicle.

That is perhaps the best-finished saddle-tank locomotive I have ever seen, as well as one of the few that has the tank enclosing the stack (perhaps for weight distribution reasons?). Note the interesting 'lightening holes' in the driver counterweights. I do not think it will be difficult for small-locomotive aficionados to recognize what it is.

Pope said "later we visit[ed] the Hirapur Works at Burnpur but steam is all finished here and the locos all disused." He says nothing about the out-of-service locomotives, apparently being interested only in steam that was 'live'...

Chittaranjan locomotive works was less than 16 miles away from this site.

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