Scrapped Locomotives

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Steve Frost
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Scrapped Locomotives

Postby Steve Frost » Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:03 pm

There has been quite a few locos on the data base which have been scrapped, and are now marked as such. The armed scrap thieves in South Africa have depleted the number of locos there, and information about the full extent of this would be appreciated.

However, it does raise the question as to whether we should delete the scrapped locos or leave them on the database. If we leave them, then visitors looking for a particular loco that has been scrapped will know that fact. if we remove them, they may think we just haven't added it to the data base.

Then there are the locos in the UK that have been dismantled to provide parts for re-creations of lost types of loco. Do we keep the donor locos on the site as well as the 'new' locos to which they've contributed parts, or is this duplication?

Any comments will be appreciated.

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Re: Scrapped Locomotives

Postby Dalesrail » Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:49 am

I have a number of photographs - albeit mostly B/w (as I am sure many other contributors have) of locomotives which we know are scrapped, i.e. prior to modernisation in both Germany and the UK, and that do not feature on the site.

At the same time we have several inclusions in the same category that do feature and are included in the 'current' geographic totals either for country, (county/province/state) making it extremely difficult to plan any expedition, particularly to a 'new' or rarely visited area in order to see listed extant examples (South Africa being a typical example).

Whilst I appreciate a possible need/desire to maintain details and photographs (which actually rarely appear) of scrapped locomotives, I see no reason (or great difficulty in practice) why they should not be separated from extant examples by providing a "Scrapped locomotives" listing, so that extinct are entirely separated in the listings, which itself would be complimentary to an 'extant' register.

In the UK (and possibly in several other countries) both technical and operational details of ex BR and 'grouping' company locomotives, including the builder; dates of build and to where delivered; lines covered and where maintained/shedded; as well as date/s of withdrawal and where cut up are readily available and these details, together with an 'active' photograph would enhance the site and its historical features for interested enthusiasts, as well as being a forum to display otherwise 'lost' and unpublished photographs for a perhaps fading generation.

I would be happy to submit a few examples for a start if necessary.

O.k., more 'work' for moderators but I am sure another could be 'appointed' to deal with this category so it does not impede upon the time/work of others.

Dale W Fickés (Dalesrail)

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