Missing Henschel Locomotive in Denmark

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Missing Henschel Locomotive in Denmark

Postby Doug Bailey » Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:05 am

For a considerable period of time, up to at least 2007 Henschel & Son (Kassel) C/N 10842 of 1911 was in the hands of the Aalholm Motor Museum in Denmark. The museum closed in 2007, and much if not all of its assets were sold at auction in 2012.

I cannot find any record of where this locomotive went. Does anyone happen to know or have a source of information I could inquire of?

Also, our information on this locomotive's wheel arrangement is dubious at best. We list it as a 4-2-0 and I'm fairly certain Henschel built nothing of that wheel arrangement in the 20th century. Information would be appreciated.

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