Ownership History
Nevada Short Line No. 1 Sacramento, CA
Built For: Utah & Northern Railway Co. #13
[08/1889] Consolidation: Oregon Short Line & Utah Northern Railway Co. #17
[02/1897] Corp. Sale: Oregon Short Line Railroad Co.
[1899] Sold: Glasgow & Western Exploration Co. "Pearl"
[03/1913] Sold: Sugarman Iron & Metal Co.
[1914] Sold: Nevada Short Line Railway Co. #1 at Rochester, NV
[1920] Sold: Scrap Dealer
[1924] Sold: Nevada Central Railroad Co. #6 at Battle Mountain, NV
[1938] Sold: J.M. Hiskey
[1938] Sold: Golden Gate International Exposition
[1941] Donated: Railway & Locomotive Historical Society at Oakland, CA
[1964] Donated: Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Pacific Coast Chapter
[1969] Donated: State of California
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