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International Railways of Central America 2-8-0 No. 40Posted by: Shane Schabow on 2005-02-20 15:05:25.143

#40 was leased to the White Pass & Yukon Route for 2 years of a 5 year lease, and returned to Colorado because of management changes at the WP&YR. The locomotive made a stop at the Colorado Railroad Museum from 12-2001 through 4-2002, where it was operated on two occations, and then returned to the Georgetown Loop Railroad.

Operated 3 consecutive seasons at the Georgetown Loop, 2002-2004. Running gear rebuilt during winter of 2003-2004 offseason. Extensive boiler work done prior to going to WP&YR (completed 1999-2000).

Was a workhorse during the final season of the GLRR Inc.'s operations, last run on Loop line for #40 was October 4, 2004. Locomotive now stored at Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, CO along with all other operational Georgetown Loop Railroad Inc. equipment pending the location of another operation to operate on. May be operated on museum's steam-up days this year (posted 2-20-05).

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway 2-8-0 No. 132Posted by: Jim Reisdorff on 2005-02-19 23:34:38.86
The year 2005 is the 125th anniversary for AT&SF Locomotive 132. A new book has been published in honor of the occasion: SANTA FE LOCOMOTIVE 132, by Richard E. Scholz and edited by Larry Brasher. More information at

New York, Chicago & St. Louis RR 2-8-2 No. 587Posted by: Brandon Pena on 2005-02-18 17:50:24.663
This fine lady is indeed operational!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Portsmouth Zoo 4-4-0 No. UnknownPosted by: Brandon Pena on 2005-02-18 17:19:48.483
this locomotive's number is 1752

Union Pacific RR 4-8-4 No. 844Posted by: mat on 2005-02-18 14:07:34.46

844 is not the second largest loco in operation, on the UP it is, but actullay sant fe 3751 is!

Forest Products Chemical Co. Heisler - 2 truck No. 2Posted by: M. Walker on 2005-02-18 12:53:28.413
Recent email from the owner states that this engine is no longer in Andalusia, Alabama. He said it was sold to someone in Maryland.

Pennsylvania Power & Light 0-6-0F No. 2Posted by: matt on 2005-02-18 09:57:44.173

it's one of two surviveving streamlined firelesscokers.

East Tennessee & Western North Carolina RR 4-6-0 No. 12Posted by: matt on 2005-02-18 00:03:04.55
and there is a 2-8-0 in NC

East Tennessee & Western North Carolina RR 4-6-0 No. 12Posted by: matt on 2005-02-17 23:59:35.68

#12 is mot the only E.T.&W.N.C. loco left. there is a 2-6-0 (36" gauge) and a 2-8-2 (standard) that were owned by the E.T.&W.N.C.

Lake Superior & Ishpeming RR 2-8-0 No. 34Posted by: matt on 2005-02-17 23:54:19.913
this engine was owned by the western maryland!

Southern Wood Preserving Co. 0-4-0T No. 3Posted by: Brian on 2005-02-17 22:44:32.613
I thought you said that they had no plans of restoring the 13?

Grand Trunk Western RR 4-8-4 No. 6325Posted by: Brian on 2005-02-17 22:40:38.297
Unless I can't read, the schedual for 2005 clearly states "NO excursions are planned for the 2005 season"

Denver & Rio Grande Western RR 2-8-2 No. 489Posted by: Brian on 2005-02-17 22:20:29.357

Currently awaiting an ultrasound test.  Most likely won't be out for the '05 season but a grant from the state of New Mexico has been given to the C&TSRR to help with the restoration of 489.

Denver & Rio Grande Western RR 2-8-2 No. 497Posted by: Brian on 2005-02-17 22:17:06.067
Locomotive is still inoperable but is stored fully intact in the Chama roundhouse awaiting its turn to be overhauled after the 489 and 463.

Denver & Rio Grande Western RR 2-8-2 No. 488Posted by: Brian on 2005-02-17 22:15:22.627
Locomotive 488 has just been test fired a week back and now is being reassembled for the upcoming 2005 season to join sisters 487 and 484.  So as of now this locomotive is still in the process of an overhaul but technically it is operationial.

North American Rayon Corp. 0-6-0F No. 1Posted by: matt on 2005-02-16 16:33:34.85
it is owned by the East Tennsesee and West North Carolina rail road and is on diplay with a 3-foot gauge box car.

Chiriqui Land Co. 2-6-0 No. 46Posted by: Chris on 2005-02-15 19:45:03.713

Since last report, all new bearings for main and connecting rods have been machined in house and pressed into their respective rods. Oil cellars were also fabricated and installed on the locomotive. As of now, the side rods are on permanently on, and connecting rods need a tad more work before final installation. Brake rigging has also been tweaked and is on for good. Various little ongoing jobs, but it`s all adding up slowly but surely.  Boiler work continues...    -Chris

Union Pacific RR 4-8-4 No. 844Posted by: Chris on 2005-02-14 14:07:28.17
Steve Lee of the UP Steam SHop has informed me that she's back in operational order! :)

Union Pacific RR 4-8-8-4 No. 4004Posted by: Chris on 2005-02-14 14:05:24.343
This locomotive is in display in Holliday Park, Cheyenne WY.  The locomotive is in fair condition, although due to its inconvieniant location is would be difficult to restore. There were rumors of moving it to the new depot plaza a couple of blocks away, but nothing ever came of these and Lynn Nystrom (fireman) of the UP steam crew says its "probably stayin' where it is."

Botwood Railway 0-6-0T No. 7Posted by: Peter Hawksford on 2005-02-13 23:20:31.86

Here are a few more details on this locomotive.

Wheel Base-8Ft,- Heating surface 193 sq.ft.,- Weight on drivers 11tons,- Water tank cap. 250 Gals.- Tractive effort 2800lbs.  Boiler Press. 100psi.- Grate 4.9sq.ft.- Overall length 15 ft.

Kentucky Lumber Company Heisler - 2 truck No. 9Posted by: Jason Greene on 2005-02-13 20:32:54.187
No. 9 has been repainted into its Campbell Limestone green paint scheme. She looks great.

Union Pacific RR 4-6-6-4 No. 3977Posted by: Wooly on 2005-02-12 14:25:53.967
The oil tank from 3977 is now in 3985 since it's coversion

The Alaska Railroad 2-8-0 No. 557Posted by: David on 2005-02-11 11:02:10.913
I was wondering if anyone had any contact information about the owner of this locomotive. I am working an a museum and excursion line in Oregon and am looking for a locomotive to run on the line. Thank you.

JZ 0-6-0T No. 62.669 30075Posted by: Richard White on 2005-02-11 10:26:56.783
A full technical specification can be found for 30075 at the Project 62 web site

Pickering Lumber Company Heisler - 3 truck No. 5Posted by: D Loyola on 2005-02-10 20:22:46.04
This locomotive was moved, along with Pickering Lumber Company #12 and Clover Valley Lumber Company #4, to the Niles Canyon Railway in Sunol, CA.

Sierra Railway Co. Shay - 3 truck No. 12Posted by: D Loyola on 2005-02-10 20:22:03.71
This locomotive was moved, along with Pickering Lumber Company #5 and Clover Valley Lumber Company #4, to the Niles Canyon Railway in Sunol, CA.

Clover Valley Lumber Company 2-6-6-2T No. 4Posted by: D Loyola on 2005-02-10 20:18:41.46
This locomotive was moved, along with Pickering Lumber Company # 5 & 12, to the Niles Canyon Railway in Sunol, CA.

Pickering Lumber Company Heisler - 3 truck No. 1Posted by: Gregg Pullano on 2005-02-10 15:25:43.393
This locomotive along with the other 2 with it, are now at Sunol, Ca, on the Niles Canyon railroad.

Birmingham & Southeastern RR 2-8-0 No. 97Posted by: Brandon Pena on 2005-02-09 16:38:26.67
Another one of my Engineer friends drove this fine lady aswell

Great Western Railway 2-10-0 No. 90Posted by: Brandon Pena on 2005-02-09 16:12:08.963

Old #90 here, she double headed with Steam Town's late #1278.

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