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MAV(USArmy) 2-8-0 No. 411.118(3450)Posted by: K Bennett on 2007-03-18 02:44:04.12

Baldwin makers number of this loco is 70497

Not 70407

PKP 0-8-0 No. Px48-3916Posted by: Ejdzej on 2007-03-17 08:11:30.417
It's great that my photo is useful for you! I also added details about this locomotive and link to your site to Wikimedia Commons: Cheers! A.J.

Southern Pacific 0-6-0 No. 1233Posted by: R. Freeman on 2007-03-16 10:12:17.073
Word on the street is the trestle in which the main photo is taken was burned to the ground last night.

Great Western Sugar Co. 0-4-0T No. 13Posted by: Marne Jurgemeyer on 2007-03-14 16:46:27.667
This engine has been moved to area in front of Western Sugar on Riverview Ave/ Hwy 144.   It has been cosmetically restored for the 100 anniversary of the factory.

Pittsburgh & Lake Erie RR 4-6-0 No. 5Posted by: Jean-Paul Viaud on 2007-03-14 10:05:24.433
The construction number is 1592, not 1547. She was PLE 82, then PLE 9153, then EF&GE Fauquier 5 before becomint Maritime Coal Railway & Power Company 5.

Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Co. 2-4-0 No. 110Posted by: Evan on 2007-03-13 19:01:11.323
I believe that Michael is right.  You do have a listed locomotive of a 2-4-0 wheel arangement at Cedar Point.  It has an unknown construction number but everything else is the same except for the driver diameter and builder.  Is it posible that you may have faulty info on one of the engines?

Southern Railway 2-8-0 No. 722Posted by: adam on 2007-03-13 11:18:53.34
just spoke to gsmrr director and 1702 will be in operation spring of 08 and 722 will be in operation late 09. those double headers will happen soon. he also told me that gsmrr will be an all steam railway in 2010 if all goes well.

Chesapeake & Ohio RR 2-8-4 No. 2716Posted by: Andrew Durden on 2007-03-13 09:16:34.343

Because Bill Purdie knows what steam engines are SUPPOSED to look like.  The Good Lord intended for headlights to be placed in the center of the smokebox, not underneath it.

In all seriousness, the locomotive was restored to be operated on the Southern Railway, and the low headlight and illuminated number boards just didn't look like something the Southern Railway would have had.  When the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society returned 2716 to service in 1996, it was returned to its C&O appearance.  It retains that appearance today at KRM.

Spokane, Portland & Seattle Ry 2-8-2 No. 539Posted by: C Stark on 2007-03-11 19:17:35.893
Possible trade to Grand Canyon Railway for their 18 and 20

Norfolk & Western 4-8-0 No. 475Posted by: martin on 2007-03-11 16:12:52.11
#475 was the last 4-8-0 class M in service for the N&W. It ran a triple header in 1958.

Lautoka Mill 0-6-0 No. 11 'Fiji'Posted by: Dave Haring on 2007-03-10 11:04:56.063
I believe this is the same locomotive I saw when I was in Fiji back in 2005. It's a neat little Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 with a tender, but has recently been outfitted with a diesel engine drive in the tender for tourist service.

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad 2-8-4 No. 2760Posted by: martin on 2007-03-09 18:46:21.19
Work is still being done. So far 2760 and the tender have been sandblasted,primerd,and painted. The curent project is restore the caboose.

Norfolk & Western Railway 4-8-0 No. 433Posted by: martin on 2007-03-09 18:43:04.877
#433 is in pretty good shape. The headlamp is not its original since it was destroyed by vandals. #433 didn't work as a regular on the Virginia Creeper but as a backup. The regular runners were all scrapped.

Robinson Clay Products 0-4-0 No. 5Posted by: John C. Ohler on 2007-03-09 18:30:51.25
My name is John Ohler. I'm president of the Poway Midland Railroad in Poway , CA. We operate a 1907 Baldwin 0-4-0 on two weekends a month. We restored the locomotive from an old relic early in the 1990's. This year we will celebrate the centennial of the locomotives construction. Please check our web site : www.powaymidland We woild like to welcome you to visit us this year. I'm also a resident of Fallbrookand would like to get to meet you. John C. Ohler

CFR 4-6-0 No. 64.169 (230.084)Posted by: Denis Verheyden on 2007-03-09 10:52:26.8
This locomotive , which was in very bad condition , was bought in 2000 by Belgium's Toeristisch Spoorpatrimonium.It would be restored in Cluj-Napoca in a Belgian P8 , more specifically the SNCB class 64.It will finally come to Belgium in 2007 after more than 5 years of restauration and will be numbered 64.169.

SZD 2-10-0 No. L-1361Posted by: P.Klaus on 2007-03-09 04:27:12.597
L-1361 Brjansk/izor No.5151/1950 The first monument lokomotive in Estonia and the last coal burner from Valga reserv. Begun 11.1995 on display on Tapa station.All other lokomotives has been converted to oil, between 1958-1960.

Panama Railroad 2-6-0 No. 299Posted by: Brian Riley on 2007-03-08 21:58:08.487
Unfortunately, the 229's sister engine the 201 hasn't operated since 2001. She was red-tagged because she is in need of a major overhaul. Both engines were lucky to have been sent back to the U.S. Most steam locomotives the built the canal ended up being pushed off the back of barges into the ocean.

Chesapeake & Ohio RR 2-8-4 No. 2716Posted by: John Heid on 2007-03-08 16:27:53.347
will someone please tell me why a C&O berkshire is in southern livery?

SZD 2-10-0 No. L-2317Posted by: P.Klaus on 2007-03-08 14:01:23.657
Empty Weight:92t Weight on Drivers:103t Driver Diameter:1500mm Tractive Effort:217kN Boiler Pressure:14kg.f./cm2 Cylinders:650x800mm Fuel:oil, 16t.( or coal-18t). L-2317, the last operational steamlokomotive on ER, up to 1998, later has preserved inside old depo, Tallinn-Kopli. later on Ülemiste station dump yard.! On this photo near Haapsalu station on his last run with museum lokomotives from Tallinn to Haapsalu.

Standard Mining Co. 0-4-0T No. 1Posted by: Diz Schimke on 2007-03-08 12:34:55.75
I purchased this loco in 1994, missing its builder plates.Well after 3 weeks shy of 13 years, the second plate arrived March 1st. I acquired the first plate a little over a year ago.Celebration March 17th 2007 St Paddy's Day. The loco has been on the property for 13 years. We will be under steam!

Unknown 0-8-0 No. K-4-322Posted by: P.Klaus on 2007-03-08 12:01:05.8
Kc4-332 Shkoda No2347/1950 has been transported from Bologoje to Estonia in 01.1989. Was oil fired lokomotive and turned back to wood or coal fire. now this lokomotive working on Gulbene -Aluksne line , really it belongs to the Estonian narrow gauge museum, but given to Gulbene for many years.There was no preserved ng steamlokomotives in Latvija on 750mm gauge! Lokomotive has been repaired in Gulbene 2003-2005. thw first run has made 17.06.2005.

SZD 2-10-0 No. L-4362Posted by: P.Klaus on 2007-03-08 11:47:41.58
L-4362 Lugansk(voroshilovgrad)No.14362/1951 This lokomotive has also taken from strategic reserv for Estonian south-west railway in 18.07 .1996, but lokomotive needs more reparations and has been stored at Türi, but finally cut up in 2003 .This photo has been made at Mõisaküla, not at valga!1997-2000 both lokomotives were at Mõisaküla , near old ng workshops building.

SZD 2-10-0 No. L-3297Posted by: P.Klaus on 2007-03-08 11:36:35.703
L-3297 Voroshilovgrad(Lugansk)no.15050/1953 This lokomotive has taken from strategic reserv for estonian South-west railway in 1998. between 1999-2003 has been used for steam specials, but later stored at Türi, because the new railway administration is not interested more.Two years ago the locomotive was in working condition, but now?? A new boiler test must be done.

Unknown 0-8-0 No. Gr-319Posted by: P.Klaus on 2007-03-08 11:27:48.11
Empty Weight: 23,4t Weight on Drivers:25,6t Driver Diameter:800mm. Tractive Effort:5300kg Boiler Pressure:13kg/cm2 Cylinders:370mm Fuel:coal or timber,wood. lokomotive is on half working condition, but not for open steam shows!

Unknown 0-8-0 No. Gr-319Posted by: Peeter Klaus on 2007-03-08 11:17:33.55
LKM 15416

Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific RR 4-6-2 No. 938Posted by: John Heid on 2007-03-06 22:23:53.357
Word on the streets is that its in very good mechanical shape. Might be wrong. New front? As in headlight, etc? When will it be repainted? It was primed when I was last at IRM.

Chesapeake & Ohio RR 2-8-4 No. 2707Posted by: John Heid on 2007-03-06 22:22:07.497
I was last @ IRM in September 2007; the smokebox door was being painted in the shops. Just out of curiosity, with whom and for what would we trade it for?

SNCB 2-8-0 No. 29.013Posted by: Denis Verheyden on 2007-03-06 16:57:09.557
This locomotive has been restored to running order in 2003 in DB's Meiningen workshops.It is used to pull a number of special trains and is now stored at Schaarbeek (Brussels) depot when not in use.

St. Louis - San Francisco (Frisco) Railroad 2-8-2 No. 1352Posted by: Ken Sullivan on 2007-03-06 16:23:24.957
I worked on this engine for 18mos. before the money ran out,a lack of local interest and no name association played a big part here. Ned Feirsten and myself literally spun off our last stay bolt cap when the last of the gas acetylene ran out. We put away the torches and that was that. The boiler and running gear are all in good shape,and we'd love to get the project going again some day.

Southern Pacific RR 2-8-0 No. 2579Posted by: R.Freeman on 2007-03-06 15:10:41.267
I think the engineers of the southern pacific would yell if they saw this paint scheme. ugh.
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