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Southern Pacific RR 4-8-4 No. 4460Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-24 10:51:20.317
Southern Pacific No. 4460 has experimental Timken roller bearings on both engine and tender but some of the GS-6 engines may had have SKF experimental roller bearings. The GS-6 class spent a lot of time on Shasta and Portland Divisions due to their 73" drivers.

Denver & Rio Grande Western RR 2-8-0 No. 268Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-24 10:06:52.1
At the Chicaco Railroad Fair 1948, the "Deadwood Central" narrow-gauge train ride was so popular at the railroad fair's first year that another trainset was brought in for the second. Known as the "Cripple Creek and Tin Cup," train's locomotive D&RGW No. 268 and cars were supplied by the Denver & Rio Grande Western. First time 268 introduction fo the "new" paint scheme Bum'blebee Yellow, and also used by Paramount Pictures to make "the Denver and Rio Grande" movie.

Southern Pacific RR 4-10-2 No. 5021Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-23 23:39:46.043

Southern Pacific No. 5021 was delivered in 1926 with an  short squat smokestack, piston valve extension covers, only one sand dome, and the bell was smokebox mounted from the factory. A Franklin C-2 boost on the Delta trailing truck and a Worthington 4B feed-water heater. The boost added 12,340 pounds of extra tractive effort to an all ready 84,200 pounds of tractive effort.

By 1937 a Worthington 41/4BL feed-water heater had been fitted. By 1953 had the main driver change to an LMF Universal disc, and a second sand dome has been fitted, and her boost remove.

5021 had her 120-C-8 tender change to a 160-C-2 tender.

Disneyland Railroad 2-4-4T No. 3 (Fred Gurley)Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-23 19:31:15.703

Roger asked Jerry Best for help. " We need to add another locomotive to the Park, Walt thinks we can save money by buying an old narrow-gauge steamer and restoring it like Kimball did with his two old Baldwins."

Jerry knew C. W. Witbeck and his brother owned several little steamengines in Louisiana. After contacting them, the Witbecks had several locomotives for them to look at including one built by Baldwin in 1894 that was in good condition.

When Roger and Jerry arrive to Witbeck's yard.They were shone the steamengine,which was sitting alone in a field of weeds, Exposed to the Louisiana weather. the metal was deeply rusted. and the wood had rotted.

After a closer inspction that took most of an hour,Jerry pronounced that all running gear on the "Forney"- style Baldwin 0-4-4T appeared to be intact. The boiler was shot, and water tank's copper bottom had completely corroded. The locomotive's frame, wheel,rods cylinders,and domes appeared to be sound, along with the valves and levers on the boiler's backhead.

A week later the Balwin was sold to Disney for $1,500

Virginia & Truckee RR 4-4-0 No. 11Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-23 18:20:50.52
Virigina & Truckee No. 11 "Reno" was the first locomotive purchased by V&T RR specifically to pull passenger trains. Built in 1872 by M. baird & Company aka "Baldwin" the Reno was delivered during construction of the extenion of railroad between Reno and Carson City. The locomotive had the honor of pulling the first scheduled train from Reno to Virginia City. This locomotive needs to be in a railroad museum like the Nevada State Railroad Museum were Reno can be meticulously return well care for.

Virginia & Truckee RR 2-6-0 No. 20Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-22 20:33:44.8

Virigina & Truckee locomotive No.20 Tahoe was in service for 51 years begining in 1875. The locomotive was used for most types of service on the railroad.  Over the course of the years, the Tahoe saw it's share of mishaps and accidents In June of1878 Tahoe was stopped due to a derailment  of ore cars in her train. While Tahoe was stopped. No. 12  the Dayton, pulling  the local passenger train, came around the curve and ran head long into No. 20 causing servere damage.

The Tahoe was last used in April 1926; the engine was retired to the Carson City engine houseand remained in storage until re activated during World War II. IT was sold to Clifford C. Bong Construction Company in August of 1942, and was usedto build several railroads cassification yards for the  U. S. Army Corps of Engineers during the war. After the war No. 20 was restored at Bong's yard in Arcadia, California. In 1968 Tahoe was sold to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission for Preservation.

SOCIEDAD HULLERA ESPAÑOLA 0-4-0WT No. DPosted by: Jordi Comella on 2005-08-22 17:16:19.957

Sorry. I sent you wrong picture. In fact, the picture sent to you is Corpet No. 5 of the Sociedad Hullera Española (SHE) owned by the Museo del Ferrocarril de Asturias.

I can send you the file of some steam locomotives owned by our group such as Märkische Lokomotivfabrik (later Orenstein & Koppel) 173/1896.

Regards, Jordi Comella

Denver & Rio Grande Western RR 2-8-0 No. 346Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-22 09:48:01.37

As per Denver & Rio Grande Western No. 346 was built as a class 70 locomotive No. 406 a.k.a. "Cumbres" for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad.

1924  locomotive No. 406 was reclassified and renumber to No.346  a class C19 locomotive. 1935 No. 346 was leased to Colorado & Southern Railway wrecked in 1936 in runaway on Kenosha Pass. Rebulit by CB&Q Denver shops and return to the Denver & Rio Grande Western in 1937

Waimanolo Sugar Co. 0-4-2T No. 3Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-21 22:29:13.053

This locomotive Waimanalo Sugar Company No. 3 Olomana 0-4-2T, was meticulously restored in the back yard of Ward Kimball in San Gabriel, California by Jerry Best and Chad O'Connor and others to a as-built appearance.

In 1977, Best donated his locomotive Olomana to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.

Portland & Seattle Railway 0-4-0T No. 3Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-21 20:59:21.06
On august 23, 1905, the Great Northern and the Northern Pacific railroads annouce joint incorporation of the Portland & Pacific Railway Company. This linked Spokane, Washington, and Seattle, Oregon and provides a straight and relatively level route over the Cascade Range. this action, pert of great battle between the Union Pacific Railroad on the one hand and the Great Northern and Northern Pacific Railroads on the other, greatly facilitates passage to Seattle from the east. No. 3 was part of that important history helping to build that rail line.

Boone & Scenic Valley RR 2-8-2 No. 8419Posted by: Chris Little on 2005-08-21 14:55:45.19
The JS8419 has had the crest on the top of its front headlight removed. Also the car right behind that caboose in the picture is a trolley that is not on the train now. Plus they have a brand new valley car hooked up behind the red caboose. In addition to the Excursion train they have gotten another coach for it.

New York, Chicago & St.Louis RR 2-8-4 No. 765Posted by: Chris Edwards on 2005-08-21 01:15:42.42
765 was under steam on July 25th, 2005.  No longer a restoration, now operational. 

Southern Pacific RR 4-6-0 No. 18Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-20 20:59:26.67
Southern Pacific No. 18 is the youngest Baldwin locomotives of the slim princess. I'll be lookind forward to see her to run again.

Southern Pacific RR 4-6-0 No. 18Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-20 20:51:54.26

Southern Pacific No.18 is being refurbished for operation.

Virginia & Truckee RR 4-4-0 No. 18Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-20 20:16:48.833

No. 18 is a copy of Central Pacific No. 173 also named "Sonoma".

1872 Master Mechanic Andrew Jackson Stevens of the Central Pacific Railroad determined that the boiler and frame of No. 173 could be repaired after the first serious passenger train accident in Central Pacific history. Stevens supervised the locomotive's renovation and redesign. The new design was very popular, and management had Stevens build 12 more locomotives just like the "new" No. 173. One of the 12 engines build in its likeness survived the scraper. Virgina & truckee  Railroad No. 18 "Dayton" is that locomotive.

Southern Pacific RR 4-6-0 No. 9Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-20 19:39:40.18
Orthodox lovers of the steam locomotive in the fall of 1954 mourned the retirement of two steam locomotives No. 8 & No. 18 from the Keeler Branch, official designation of its narrow gauge trackage by the Southern Pacific Company, yet it did mean that here was a narrow gauge carrier facing the future with confidence. For one thing, the new diesel has saved the Branch from the scrap train and perserved a narrow gauge line on sound basis. And there's a bright spot for the steam fraternity, for one of the steam locomotives No. 9 has been retain as standby and is used several times yearly in regular service. But in 1960 it all came to end on April 30.

Southern Pacific RR 4-6-0 No. 9Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-20 09:59:11.85

During the spring  of 1960 word came from Washington of approval of the company's petition and termination of operations was set for April 30. the last was on the 29th when engineer Ferguson sat sadly in the cab of diesel No 1 for the final to Laws. in the train were engine No. 9, boxcar No. 17, stock car No. 166, gondola  No.366 and caboose No. 401. They were spotted on track east of the Laws station and the diesel return to Owenyo.

In a gift deed Southern Pacific coveyed to the City of Bishop, steamlocomotive No. 9 and to Inyo County the cars, the depot, water tank, gallows turntable and some 1100 feet of track at Laws.

Southern Pacific sold what remained to a salvage frim. No. 9 was the last operating locomotive on the Slim Prrincess.

Disneyland Railroad 2-4-4T No. 3 (Fred Gurley)Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-19 23:19:02.77

As Michael Broggie tells the story. Ward Kimballfonly refs to this episode in his relationship with Walt Disney as "The Great Train Robbery." During a telephone call that got Kimball out of bed early on Sunday morning, Walt suggested that if Ward would l0oand his engine to Disneyland, he could come down to the Park on Mondays or Tuesdays (when the Park is closed) and run it all he wanted. Ward protested that Choe was a wood burner, and would pose a fire hazard in the Park. Walt responded that this wasn't a problem: "We'll convert it to burn oil just like No. 1 and No. 2."

Ward held his ground, telling Walt that he wasn't interested eihter of his prized locomotives to Disneyland. "You can find another engine-there's plenty of them sitting around the country," According to Ward, Walt didn't speak to him for several weeks after he refused the offer. But Walt did follow Ward's advice; he asked Roger Broggie to begin looking for another locomotive among whatever vintage narrow- gauge stock had survived the scrapper's torch. so the story of  No. 3 begins.

Belle Point & Reserve Railroad 0-4-4T No. 1Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-18 09:37:37.383
I'm bad, It's

New York, Chicago & St. Louis RR 2-8-2 No. 587Posted by: Christopher Kovacs on 2005-08-18 07:57:49.893
NKP #587 starred in the movie "587: The Great Train Robbery". The synopsis is that a 10 year old boy named Alex, finds the 587 in a "Junkyard", (really the ITM Yard) where the owner of the scrap company says the 2-8-2 would be scrapped in 2 days!! Then, Alex, his sister, Molly, and the ex-engineer of the 587 divise a plan to save the engine. Will they succeed? Watch the movie and find out!!!

Canadian National Railway Co. 4-8-4 No. 6218Posted by: Christopher Kovacs on 2005-08-18 07:38:55.503
I used to live in Buffalo, NY and I went to the Fort Erie RR Museum about 4 times! 6218 still looks good, but a little paint wouldn't hurt.   If you live near Buffalo, go to this museum, you can even ring 6218's bell!!!

Rio Grande Southern 2-8-0 No. 41Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-17 20:31:24.56
1942 RGS was owned by the Defense Supplies Corp. (ie  the US Goverment) May 1942 US Vannadium Corp purchases a old smelter in Durando and begins to extracting vanadium from carnotite ore. June of 43 the U.S. Army begins quietly working the dumps at old mills in the area and shipping the tallings over the Rio grande Southern to a government plant in Utah. It was years later when the locals realized that the "worhtless" ore tallings had been used to build the atomic bomb.

Denver & Rio Grande Western RR 2-8-0 No. 340Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-17 19:49:15.343

as per

drgw No. 340 started life as a class 70 locomotive d&rg No.400 a.k.a. Green River. Wt.68000 Dr. 37.00 Tract Eff. 17055 Around 1924 she was reclassified and converted to a C19 locomotive d&rgw No.340 Wt. 74260 Dr 37.00 Tract Eff. 18947. 1942 340 was working on the Rio Grande Southern when in 1943 rgs had only two working engines No. 41 & NO. 42 March 12 1952 Green River was acquired by Knott's Berry Farm as No. 40 later renumbered to 340

Belle Point & Reserve Railroad 0-4-4T No. 1Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-17 12:41:16.73

The name of the museum in Oxnard,Ca is The Vintage Museum of Transportation and Wildlife

Lots of imfo to be found here.

Hillcrest Collieries 0-4-0T No. 5Posted by: Tyler on 2005-08-17 10:24:05.283
I believe this engine is at the Moose Jaw Branch of the Western Development Museum. ( There is no mention of it at the North Battleford Branch page. Also, I was just at the Moose Jaw WDM yesterday. There is a small circle track with three small coaches and a small tender for extra coal. No. 5 was sitting behind chain link link fence on a siding connecting to the circle of track. 

The Alaska Railroad 4-6-0 No. 152Posted by: Isaac on 2005-08-17 06:05:13.93
Actually, the engine's been the primary locomotive on the Huckleberry Railroad since the fall of 1994 when 464's sword hanger broke.

Canadian Pacific Railway Co. 4-6-4 No. 2860Posted by: Christopher Kovacs on 2005-08-16 14:16:10.1

Royal Hudson #2860's restoration is now underway!!! Visit the WCRA's website for photos and more info!!!

Canadian Pacific Railway Co. 2-8-0 No. 3716Posted by: Chrsitopher Kovacs on 2005-08-16 14:12:29.273
CP #3716 is BACK IN OPERATION!!! Go to the KVSR's website for photos and more details.

Rio Grande Southern 2-8-0 No. 41Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-15 21:09:04.287
Nov. 1916 No. 41 was acquired. Was shopped in Ridgeway and received a new boiler staying a class 70 locomotive with smaller drivers: 36.00 Lighter weight: 60000 and less traction effort:16540 Too ligth for a C19 locomotive. Received electric headlight from retired No.25 in Aug. of 1940. Frame welding perform by visiting oxweld Instructor J. Langdon  in March 1925 and finished welding by Mr. Egar from D&RGW in Aug of 1925. 1942 No.41 received compressors and smokebox front from retired No. 25. July of 1951 NO. 41 was acquired by Knott's Berry Fram and enter service in Nov of 51

Rio Grande Southern 2-8-0 No. 41Posted by: peter m. preston on 2005-08-15 20:25:37.6

as per Rio Grande Southern No. 41 was never a C19 locomotive. As No 409 she wt: 68000 Dr: 37.00 Tract eff. 17055. As No. 41 she Wt: 60000 Dr: 36.00 Tract eff. 16540 As Per

more imfo to come

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