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Chesapeake & Ohio RR 2-8-4 No. 2732Posted by: martin on 2007-05-30 16:34:11.38
2732 is in poor shape. They have it displayed away from the other equippment on its own display track. There is some weird device hooked up to the smoke stack on the firemans side. Does anyone know what it is?

DSB 4-4-0 No. A 159Posted by: Doug Bailey on 2007-05-30 02:58:46.19
Corrected the wheel arrangement as requested. Thanks for the input. Doug

Chicago & North Western RR 2-6-0 No. 279Posted by: Jason on 2007-05-29 23:28:50.88
This Locomotive did indeed used to work the Narrow Gauge Chicago & North Western line between Fennimore and Woodman, WI.  It was affectionately known as the "Dinky" by locals, in reference to it (and the line's) size.  The locomotive currently "standing in" for the "Dinky" in Fennimore today is the Godchaux Sugar #6, which is similar in size and appearance.

Godchaux Sugar 2-6-0 No. 6Posted by: Jason on 2007-05-29 23:24:55.753
This Locomotive was brought to Fennimore, WI as a "stand in" for the
steam engine that used to run on the Narrow Gauge Chicago & North Western line between Fennimore and Woodman.  The original engine, No. 279, was affectionately known as the "Dinky" by locals, in reference to it (and the line's) small stature.  The original Dinky now resides in the high deserts of Pioche, Nevada, where it stands on display.

Derbyshire Stone Quarries 0-4-0ST No. 'Ivor'Posted by: Steve Frost on 2007-05-29 13:44:37.973
Recently converted into a 'character' loco as 'Ivor the Engine' and will no doubt be appearing at various places at events in the future. It does look like 'Ivor' and has been seen on the Cholsey & Wallingford Railway

Cook & Nuttall 0-4-0ST No. 1 'Hurricane'Posted by: Adrian Bradshaw on 2007-05-29 11:09:42.927

2230 was the works shunter at Cook & Nuttall's Vale Papermill in Horwich, Lancs from 1947. Whilst at C&N, it appears to have been named "Douglas" after the river Douglas which flows past the site of the papermill (demilished in 2006).

After C&N, the loco appears to have been at Steemtown, Carnforth, but I have no idea whether it is still there, or in what condition it might be. - but I' be interested to know.


CEGB 0-4-0ST No. 21Posted by: JonnyC on 2007-05-29 07:41:03.083
It isn't operational anymore as it was taken out of service with a cracked wheel which it had all of its life

Central Railroad of New Jersey 4-4-2 No. 592Posted by: Mike Castellow on 2007-05-28 21:02:46.893
Just came across an interesting item in Locomotive Notes in the July 1949 issue of Trains. "The last Camelback Atlantic in the nation, Jersey Central's No. 592, was consigned to scrap February 14."

South African Railways 2-6-2+2-6-2 No. 87Posted by: Steve Frost on 2007-05-28 06:41:37.38
This Garratt is being overhauled at Boston Lodge works, and is hoped to steam in 2008

White Pass & Yukon RR 2-8-2 No. 195Posted by: mike huff on 2007-05-27 20:08:44.27
until several years ago she was buried along with sister 196 in the skagway river.

Denver & Rio Grande Western RR 2-8-2 No. 486Posted by: mike huff on 2007-05-27 20:03:51.3
currently she is in the shop getting her tubes & flues replaced

Buffalo Creek & Gauley RR 2-8-0 No. 4Posted by: martin on 2007-05-27 14:21:22.77

#4 is still being worked on but they said it would be about another 4 years before it could run again. When I was there last it wasn't in the restoration shop but in with the other equippment. The cab was stripped of everything but it sure looked good.

Disneyland Railroad 4-4-0 No. 1 (Cyrus K. Holliday)Posted by: David on 2007-05-27 12:32:21.943
C.K. Holliday was attending Fullerton Railroad Days 2007 and I was told the engine was recently painted in her 1955 colors when she first rolled out of the Disney Studios

JZ(USArmy) 0-6-0T No. 62.019(1433)Posted by: Doug Bailey on 2007-05-25 06:00:01.707
This shot was taken March 28, 1970 when the locomotive was still in service.

U.S. Army 0-6-0T No. 717Posted by: Joe Bob Brunson on 2007-05-24 22:22:46.83
Currently in a storage yard near corner of Ave. G and Sierra Highway in Lancaster, Ca

Central of Georgia 2-8-0 No. 223Posted by: Mike Stroud on 2007-05-23 22:41:55.473

Now located at Savannah Roundhouse Museum(akin to Coastal Heritage) and listed there as Wrightsville& Tennille #223,having been restored

Chicago & Illinois Western RR 0-4-0 No. 701Posted by: Ben W. on 2007-05-23 08:10:36.347
Mid Continent's website states that this was the first steam engine in its collection.

Consett Steel & Iron Company 0-6-0PT No. A No.5Posted by: Ian Moules on 2007-05-22 16:12:25.13
I believe my grandfather drove engine No.1 at Consett Iron Company between 1940 and 1970, approximately.

Lake Superior & Ishpeming RR 2-8-0 No. 22Posted by: Ben W. on 2007-05-22 07:11:45.63
According to the website, boiler work on no.22 has been completed except for new tubes to meet FRA regulations.

Mississippian 2-8-0 No. 77Posted by: Thijs on 2007-05-21 23:35:13.38
Should this locomotive not be displayed as "Operational", not "Display"?

DSB 4-4-0 No. A 159Posted by: Hans J. Ritz on 2007-05-21 03:10:26.143

A 159 is a 4-4-0

see also:


Hans J. Ritz

DSB 4-4-2.4Cyl No. Pr 908Posted by: Hans J. Ritz on 2007-05-21 03:07:39.847

PR 908 is not a 4-4-2, but a 4-6-2. It was built as an Atlantic, but was converted to a Pacific in 1946, by lengthening the frame and the addition of a boiler course.

Denmark has fine railroad-website, where you can find data about all DSB-steamers (and diesels etc as well).

Go to , then on to DSB, on to Damplokomotiver.

There you will find good pictures of PR 908, including a shot of the plate on the locomotive saying that it aws rebuilt in 1946.


Hans J. Ritz

Union Pacific RR 2-8-0 No. 440Posted by: Casey on 2007-05-20 20:32:13.677
Please update the photo on this engine's main page to this picture.  Much hard work and money was put into this restoration and the engine deserves to be seen.  Thank you!

Western Coal & Coke Co. 4-6-0 No. 1Posted by: Casey on 2007-05-20 20:28:23.333
Western Coal and Coke #1 last operated in 1994, after serving as Mid-Continent Railway's primary duty engine throughout the '70's, '80's and early '90's.  It is hoped that the engine can be brought back to operating condition by 2008, although this is far from certain.  More can be read about this locomotive at

Chicago & North Western RR 4-6-0 No. 1385Posted by: Jason on 2007-05-20 20:09:41.94
#1385 is the locomotive famous for riding the rails of the "fallen flag" Chicago & North Western Railway in the 1980's as a "goodwill ambassador."  She also rode the rails of the Wisconsin Central Ltd. and the Wisconsin & Southern in 1992.  #1385 also has the distinction of being listed on the Wisconsin, as well as National Register of Historic Places.  She has been out of service since 1998, awaiting a new boiler and firebox to bring her within FRA guidelines.  #1385 is the third of three locomotives currently being brought back to operating condition at the Mid-Continental Railway, and when she is returned to service she will be the only operating ex-C & NW steam locomotive in the world.  More can be read about this magnificant locomotive at:

Reading RR 4-8-4 No. 2102Posted by: craig smith on 2007-05-20 20:04:56.753
in 1967 the 2102 has once was own by the citizins of Akron,Ohio. in that time 2102 a few excursions over Akron Caton & Youngstone railroad to Akron and Spencer Ohio.

Dardanelle & Russelville RR 2-6-0 No. 9Posted by: Jason on 2007-05-20 19:59:05.067
The last time that this engine ran was in 1991, before a bad tender and boiler put her out of service indefinately.

Dardanelle & Russelville RR 2-6-0 No. 9Posted by: Casey on 2007-05-20 19:53:08.583

D & R #9 served as the main duty engine in the 1960s and 1970s at Mid-Continent Railway in North Freedom, WI, until she was sidelined with a leaking tender.  Boilerwork is also needed to return this locomotive to service, but three other locomotives currently have priority in the shops and the engine has been relegated to static display for the time being.  Learn more about this locomotive at 

DSB 0-4-0WT No. Hs 363(159)Posted by: Doug Bailey on 2007-05-18 10:08:28.16
Locomotive is now on display at the Odense Railway Museum

South Carolina Canal and Rail Road Company 0-4-0 No. Best Friend of Charleston (replica)Posted by: Doug Bailey on 2007-05-18 07:10:11.037
Mike Castellow provided the following information, along with the current photo of this locomotive: Photo was taken on May 4, 2007. Built in 1972 for the Wings and Wheels Museum in Santee, North Carolina. The metal parts were cast and machined at the R. A. Gibbs Shop in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina. The train was built in Santee under the direction of Master Craftsman William Stoia. He received the 1995 FAA Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award. Locomotive weighs 3.75 tons. Fuel is wood. Engine has 6HP with a top speed 30MPH
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