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Granite Rock Company 0-6-0T No. 10Posted by: R.Freeman on 2007-04-17 23:08:54.173
If im not mistaken, i believe this locomotive pulled the military train in the movie " Pancho Villa" about the Mexican restistance leader Pancho Villa. They put a fake tender behind it, and took off its saddle tanks.

Cliffside RR 2-8-0 No. 40Posted by: Jonathan Eau Claire on 2007-04-17 15:30:55.58
It was actually the Valley Railroad's 97 in Connecticut, not 40

NCB Backworth Colliery 0-6-0ST No. 44Posted by: tom on 2007-04-17 13:41:39.063

there is a possibility that No.44 could be restored. the tank and cab have all ready been removed for inspection (i belive). Tanfield have not started on this project yet because of other restorations

For the benefit of the last commentor working engines are:

No.49, Renishaw Ironworks No.6 and Sir Cecil A. Cochrane

and in the next couple of years time:

Twizell, Irwell, No.32 and No.38 and there is also the possibility of 2 other locomotives which are new to the railway arrving.

Rumsey Lumber Company Shay - 2 truck No. 2Posted by: on 2007-04-15 22:39:56.033

Its in the logging and forest section of Turtle Bay Museum (Not Creek)

Anaconda Copper Mining Co. Shay - 3 truck No. 5Posted by: William Diehl on 2007-04-15 17:13:48.563
Now on display at the Grand Canyon Ry Depot in Williams as of March 2007. Cosmetically Spruced up, it is now lettered for the Saganaw and Manistee Lumber Company that used to operate out of Williams (to which none of the shays survive from here)

South Carolina Canal and Rail Road Company 0-4-0 No. Best Friend of Charleston (replica)Posted by: CHESSIEMIKE on 2007-04-14 17:53:21.343
This is another replica of the Best Friend of Charleston. It may be the one that was built in 1928.

Grand Trunk Western RR 0-8-0 No. 8305Posted by: Nick on 2007-04-14 10:40:44.97
Steam Locomotive 8305 has been moved to Qunicy Illnoise for further cosmetic restoration. Please reflect that on the location of this locomotive.And please also relect that the locomotive is undergoing cosmetic restoration. Thankyou

Lake Superior & Ishpeming RR 2-8-0 No. 18Posted by: Jeremiah Lietke on 2007-04-14 00:21:11.72

Ralfans in The Pacific Northwest, I have good news!  Grand Caynon Railway's #18 is coming to the Mt. Hood Sienic Railroad starting in July. For information go to

Pere Marquette RR 2-8-4 No. 1225Posted by: Henry C. Parks on 2007-04-12 22:32:37.377
There is an error in the cylinder size it should be 26x34 not 26x24 as posted..... check the 1941 Lima Construction Number 7837 for Pere Marquette No. 1223 (from my copy of the Lima Construction List, Bulletin 123) Thanks....

Cavan & Leitrim Railway 4-4-0T No. 3 'Lady Edith'Posted by: Ben W. on 2007-04-12 17:58:34.127
I phoned the Pine Creek railroad recently and they sound like great people. By the way, Cavan & Leitrim Railway, Ltd. No. 3, also known as Lady Edith, had once double headed with the American built Surrey, Sussex & Southampton RR No. 26. It is not often you see an Irish steamer and an American Steamer double heading. Visit and you'll see what I mean. It should also be noted that this lovely lady is turning 120 this year and I hope to donate to this railroad soon and help her along with the other locomotives. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY EDITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad 2-8-4 No. 2760Posted by: John Heid on 2007-04-11 20:38:54.89
the coach will probably have to be scrapped.

Norfolk & Western Railway 4-8-4 No. 611Posted by: John Heid on 2007-04-11 20:37:18.5
I heard that every week a group of volunteers come in and tow her back and forth a few feet to keep her bearings lubed. Guess that won't be needed anymore.

Union Pacific RR 0-6-0 No. 4466Posted by: Sean Das on 2007-04-11 19:49:18.953
If you ask me, a coal-to-oil conversion does not seem wise because: -The engine was built as a coal burner and (as long as there is coal available) it should remain a coal burner (in my opinion) -Many visitors to the museum are non-railfans who assume that all steam locomotives burn coal. -We don't have enough operating coal burners in the west -Firing a coal burner may be difficult, but that's the fun of it!

International Aluminium Co. 0-4-0ST No. 2 'Bauxite'Posted by: JonnyC on 2007-04-11 05:59:37.3
Wellington is back at Tanfield

Nobel's Explosives 0-4-0ST No. 2Posted by: JonnyC on 2007-04-11 05:56:28.923
It is out of service

NCB Shilbottle Colliery 0-6-0ST No. 38Posted by: JonnyC on 2007-04-11 05:42:06.75
This loco is currently out of service

NCB Backworth Colliery 0-6-0ST No. 16Posted by: JonnyC on 2007-04-11 05:39:08.657
You are comletely wrong, its tire are fine, i know this as i am a volunteer there. It isn't running because there have been other locos getting restored before this, its time will come!

Redheugh Gasworks 0-4-0ST No. 'Sir Cecil A. Cochrane'Posted by: JonnyC on 2007-04-11 05:36:25.813
The loco is operational but there have been a lot of problems with it's axleboxes since the wheels had new tyres put on.

Doxford Shipyard 0-4-0CT No. 'Hendon'Posted by: JonnyC on 2007-04-11 05:34:09.297
I am a volunteer at Tanfield, the only income is made when people visit the site and go on the train, we do get some small grants.

St. Louis - San Francisco RR 2-10-0 No. 1630Posted by: J.D. Marzec on 2007-04-10 20:26:03.673
Tender repairs almost done. Drop pit almost finished.

Union Pacific RR 2-8-0 No. 428Posted by: J.D. Marzec on 2007-04-10 20:24:50.627
Wood being put on tender. Tender getting painted soon. Water tested and one staybolt leakes. New cab is almost finished and all gauges and fittings are on the loco.

J. Neils Lumber Company Shay - 3 truck No. 5Posted by: J.D. Marzec on 2007-04-10 20:21:29.877
Worked on stay bolts. Almost all drilled out. Bottem front of tube sheet needs replacement.Water bunker is getting cleaned out and sealed. Coal bunker panted and wood getting replaced.

Spang, Chalfant & Company 0-6-0 No. 8Posted by: John Heid on 2007-04-09 21:07:56.47
can someone please tell me why a beautiful steam engine was CUT OPEN?!

Cliffside RR 2-8-0 No. 40Posted by: John Heid on 2007-04-09 21:04:26.627
I believe this locomotive recently ran into a garbage truck at a crossing while going backwards. No significant damage, still operational

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR 4-6-4 No. 3007Posted by: John Heid on 2007-04-09 21:00:10.843
Yes, 3007 has a good boiler, and still has its boiler jacket. But the museum removed most of the running gear for its trip to the union. The running gear has not been reinstalled. Once at union, a new headlight was installed and the loco was transferred to barn 9, where it remains today. Since UP 428, J. Neils 5, and Frisco 1630 will be out of the shop soon, hopefully the 3007 can be moved in and restoration can begin.

Union Railroad 0-6-0 No. 77Posted by: Ben W. on 2007-04-09 20:30:00.657
According to a recent phone call I made, they told me that this engine is 70 percent done. I hope to donate to this railroad soon.

Brookes Chemical Co. 0-6-0T No. 'Brookes No1'Posted by: Steve Frost on 2007-04-09 16:35:39.017
This 'Thomas the tank engine' character appearance is no longer how the engine appears. It has been returned to its original appearance as a typical Hunslet saddle tank by the Middleton Railway.

Atlantic Coast Line RR 4-6-0 No. 1031Posted by: Sam Willard on 2007-04-09 15:53:55.94
Scratch my last note, only Cosmetic Restoration.

Klickitat Log & Lumber Co. Shay - 3 truck No. 7Posted by: R.Freeman on 2007-04-09 13:35:48.89
Check out this video.. guy must have shot it in the early 1990's, pretty good quality thou. Too bad it doesnt run anymore.

Frisco Silver Dollar Line 0-4-0T No. 76Posted by: Chris Little on 2007-04-08 19:43:11.093
This is engine No.13
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