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London & North Eastern Railway No. 2005 62005 Grosmont, Yorkshire
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North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group
The North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Groups website.

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway
Site for the NYMR: timetables, special events, gallery and an interactive signalling simulation

West Coast Railways
West Coast Railways, is a railway spot-hire company and charter train operator based at Carnforth MPD in Lancashire. They operates and leases special trains for charter operators, filming, company or group travel, and train operating companies. 62005 works there Jacobit trains from Fort William to Mallaig on the West Highland Line in Scotland for them every season.

Friends of the West Highland Lines
The West Highland Line is a railway line linking the ports of Mallaig and Oban in the Scottish Highlands to Glasgow in Central Scotland. The West Highland Railway is one Top Railway Journeys in the World. The Friends of the West Highland Lines give a detail look and history of this most scenic line in the West Highlands of Scotland. Its the route of the Jacobite Steam Train which LNER K1 62005 works along every year and in steam days LNER K1s did work along this line in service.

North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group
NELPG's website. Up to date news of their locos

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway
Website for the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Tmetables, events, gallery and interactive signalling simulation.

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